Plugins available at discount for holidays

Someone is tracking plugins that are going to be on sale during the upcoming holidays. Might be worth watching this site on an ongoing basis


Great listing… Thanx for posting!

Thank you! I’m trying out the Audiority Echorec plugin (Echoes T7E) and very tempted at 50% off.

I am tempted to buy NI Komplete, or at least Kontakt 6. But Omnisphere might also be a hot candidate to reach for… i am looking forward to what the bargain-o-meter will show. :upside_down_face:

As far as I’m aware, Omnisphere doesn’t typically go on sale. There may be tiny discounts available from some stores to make them competitive with online but that’s about it. We don’t do holiday discounting either.

Ah… i see. Well, then Omnisphere just will stay a wet dream. :pensive:
500 bucks goes far beyond any price-limit that i am willing to pay for one software-synth.
I hope that at least NI offers some BF deals that fit my suits…

Kontakt 6 on sale at 50% off, now $199.50 (regular $399). I’m tempted to pull the trigger.

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I think about buying the Komplete Select Edition, which is sold at the moment for 170€ and then upgrade to the standard full version for another 199€… This would make 370€ for the full version of Komplete 12.
Should be a legal plan, or not?
Well, i know that this also brings me into the closer range of the above mentioned 500€, but now it’s a price for a huge package of high class synths, samplers, effects and sounds (and not for one synth only).
I think i’ll have to sleep a night over these thoughts…

I’ve taken advantage of 50% sales to gradually upgrade to Kontakt Komplete Ultimate Collector’s Edition. Money well-spent. 900 GB library.

Are talking from Komplete 12 ? So what is the trick to buy it like you suggested and what about the final price?

I just received an answer from my retailer, and it should be absolutely legit do it the way i described above.
I will order now both, the full version of “Komplete 12 Select” (which is currently on sale for 170€ and comes on USB stick) and also the upgrade package to “Komplete 12 Standard” (which is on sale for 199€ and comes on USB hard drive). This way i will get the full version of “Komplete 12” (plus USB-stick and HD) for under 370€…
Compared to the price for the “direct” full version (which is currently on sale for 549€), this is actually a real bargain - and they said that i won’t have any disadvantages regarding further updates/upgrades.
So… yeah, i will press the “Take My Money” button now.:star_struck::smile:

Is it possible to do something similar with the Komplete 12 Ultimate Collector’s Edition? If you already own Komplete 8/9/10/11 Ultimate, you can upgrade to Komplete 12 Ultimate Collector’s Edition. But it is a bit risky to buy a used version from someone you don’t know… I even don’t know if a Komplete license transfer is possible?

According to the information on NI’s site, the upgrade from Komplete 2-11 to Komplete 12 Ultimate costs 299,50€, the upgrade from Komplete Select or Kontakt 1-6 (and others) costs 499,50€.
Just go to their site and chose the upgrade option you want, the upgrade conditions will be displayed then.

OK, these options are displayed when you start the buy procedure. Now it is clear, thank you. So, if I could buy a used version of Komplete 8/9/10/11 Ultimate, I could buy Komplete 12 Ultimate Collector’s Edition for 300€ (download version, without the optionnal SSD). I found one for 350€, but it is not clear if the license is transferable… :thinking:

The also have a FAQ at NI… :upside_down_face::wink:

@schamass, you are my benefactor :pray:

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I bought Komplete 10 Ultimate about 4 years ago for about $900.00. All the upgrades since then have been 50% off. If you can buy any version or combination of Kontakt products at a bargain, I highly recommend it.

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BTW: I already received the message that my software has been shipped this afternoon (which was about five hours ago)… with a bit of luck, i will get my parcel already tomorrow (or at least on Saturday).
I am really looking forward to it. :nerd_face:

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…here we go!
(Sometimes it can be nice to live in a small country):star_struck:

You bought the two version at the same time?