Plugin for Transposing?

Hi. Is there a plugin I can use in-line to do transposing?

Scenario -

An instrument which has outputs going to multiple places,l connected to an MIDI processor that has multiple data paths feeding it’s input.

IOW, one of several outs being sent to join one of several ins.

I want to transpose just this one connection (not all the outs, not all the ins).

Can anyone recommend ways to do this? Thanks.

Right now, the way to do that is with a MIDI In Block
(Turn on Merge)

We hope to add a dedicated Transpose block to the next update.

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Thank you for your reply!

A dedicated Transpose block in the next update sounds good!

In the meantime, I’d like to understand how/where turning on Merge in a MIDI In Block would work.

Here is a picture of the scenario:


The green arrow points to where I need to transpose.

Thanks for whatever further info can be provided.

This does not really answer your questions about “merging”. It is another way of handling it.

I hope I am right, but maybe create another midi in block where you want the transpose so you can just transpose for that one.

So, you would have two LPPro Midi in blocks instead of one (assuming there are no more outside of the frame the image).


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I’m a little confused - why can’t you just set the transpose amount in the MIDI In (LPProMK3 MIDI) block?

Because that data also goes elsewhere, where it need to remain un-transposed.

Then add another instance of the same MIDI in block without transpose.

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Then just use two separate MIDI In Blocks tied to that LPProMK3 MIDI block



Ah, got it.

I’m so used to thinking of hardware ins/outs as singular items, it wasn’t even crossing my mind that I could duplicate them in GP.

Thanks to all!


Right - and that duplication is why a separate transpose block was never really needed for most purposes and for the rare occasions that it was needed, you could just turn on Merge on a MIDI In block and then use that block as a transposer.


Maybe this Scriptlet i wrote some time ago could also be an option for that purpose:


Very simple method: add, for example, a pizmidi Transpose plugin between the LPProMK3 and the Forager Midi blocks.
Deprecated but efficient.



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Hi Schamass.

I got your knob going, thanks!

One thing I notice though is that if I put a MIDI Monitor downstream of it, the monitor does not show the transposed notes. This despite the fact that I hear them!

Any idea why that would be?

Yup, that works. Thanks!

I don’t know know what you did nor how you did it, because you don’t give any information except “it doesn’t work”…
All i can say: For me, it works as it should and i clearly can see the notes being transposed.


OK, thanks much for checking and letting me know.

It helps to be certain the issue is local!