[Gig] Transposer

In this gig file is a small scriptlet that can transpose incoming notes to an offset that is adjustable with a parameter (you can bind it to a widget as well).

The transpose range is +/- 12 halftone steps.
To keep a particular channel from being transposed (i.e. CH10 = drums when using a MIDI file from the MIDI File Player), I added another parameter (“safe channel”) for that purpose.
If “safe channel” is set to 0, the transpose will happen on any of the 16 MIDI channels.


  • Gig file: Transposer SCR.gig (104.1 KB)
  • Scriptlet only: Transposer SCR.gpfav (1.6 KB) (NB: download the file into the GP-Favorites folder and then insert it in the Wiring view as a “Favorite”)

Credits: @schamass

Use case example: LINK