Plug-in not speaking bidirectionally


I use DMXIS by Enttec for lighting control. I was hoping to be able to set up a bank of faders to control the faders in DMXIS one to one, so that I could set up lighting presets between variations.

When I map the faders, I do get control over the plug-in parameters. However, when I change the parameters inside of the plug-in itself, my widgets do not update accordingly.

Are you on Windows or Mac? I downloaded the plugin for Mac and the faders work both ways.

That’s strange. I am on Mac.

@rank13 - which version of the plugin are you using? AU or VST2/3 ? Maybe you guys are using different versions and there are issues with some of them.

Ok, on a different machine I can see them working both ways. I could have sworn on my laptop they weren’t. However, perhaps what I meant to say was that when I load a preset in the plugin and the internal faders move to their saved positions, this has no effect on the widget faders. I guess it doesn’t “send” the fader information to GP when a program change is loaded?

2021-09-30 08.33.51

Are you sure that those changes you’re doing aren’t changing the parameter number? When I use those arrows it’s moving the sliders up another set, so what was parameter 16, now becomes parameter 48.

Look at the parameter number shown in the top left corner of the GP plugin window when you move the fader.

A widget in GP is locked to a specific plugin parameter/number.

Ok you’re right. That was a dumb demonstration of my problem. Let me try again. What I was trying to demonstrate is that when I load a saved preset or program in DMXIS, I was hoping that the widget faders would reflect the changes in DMXIS, but they do not appear to.

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You should report that as a bug to the developer

I confirm this bug in the v1.70 of the DMXIS VST plugin in Windows too. You will have to open a ticket for Mac, I did it for Windows.

So @mrdrennan, this is the answer I got from the DMXIS support regarding your issue:

I have tested this on Ableton and had the same results. Therefore this is a software limitation rather than a bug.

This would therefore be classed as a feature request, I have passed this onto the developer of consideration in a future release.

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That’s a bummer. I do appreciate your investigation.

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