Playing a sample

Whats best most efficient option to play samples in GP?

Ive only loaded plug-ins for sounds, not samples as of yet.

So a little green in this area. One sample is 26 seconds / the other 1:16

I want to assign to lowest key …or just have it play automatically as soon as I select that rackspace

Any thoughts?

Use a paid (Kontakt, BLISS) or free (tx16wx) sampler plugin

I saw something about an audio player feature in GP…but I cant seem to find it. How do I use it?

Just have a look at the docs:
Built-in Plugins (
Audio File Player (

Or you can try this gig file: [Gig] Audioplayer (with advanced functionality)

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Might be a bit “over the top” for this purpose, but yet interesting to see… :nerd_face: :sunglasses:

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You could use the built in audio player but that player was really designed to play backing tracks or short loops and you’ll have to explicitly map notes to the play/stop parameters of different tracks.
Much easier to use a free sample player designed for the purpose.

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I recently started with GP. I installed and use this: Sitala - Free Drum Sampler Plugin

It seems to work fine.

I should probably rephrase. I literally just need to play an intro mp3 at the beginning of the show it’s about 1:16. Would the audio player be appropriate for this? Not changing the file at all. I could use iTunes but just trying to simplify.

Audio Player is fine

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Sure you can use it for this.
Insert two instances of the Audio File Player in your wiring view and connect them with an audio output or mixer block. Then use two button widgets, one for each player, and connect them with the according play/pause parameter of the players.
One button should be set to have an initial value of 100 (=ON), also for rackspace activation, the other should be MIDI-learned to the incoming note-ON from the corresponding MIDI-In and channel.
So the first button will be swtched to ON (=PLAY) with every activation of the rackspace, while the other should be reacting on a note-ON (as you set it).
(Make sure you have loaded the respecting audio files into the players and have “loop mode” switched OFF).
That should be it. :beers:

audioplayer_activation.gig (47.9 KB)

2022-05-24 18_55_32-Untitled


Works great. Thanks so much!

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I use the AU Sampler. I think it’s a free plug in from Apple.

Very easy to handle and limited functionality, but for such samples it’s a very good tool i think.

They say Apple is SOOO EASY To USE. This is why I am trying to leave Mainstage. I have been playing with this no luck. It works on Mainstage.

Any tips or hints?

OK, what do you want to do?
And what did you do?
And what is not working?

I just added a Sample and can trigger that via incoming MIDI.

Just import a Wav file (like I do in Mainstage), and assign it to a key Some songs I can get around this by using the AudioPlayer, but we may do that song by Marc Ronson.

OK, do you have an issue we could help?

I used AUsampler from apple and it works great in GP!

I designed the GP file on my native minimac.

When I access it from my backup MacBook Pro…all the GP stuff is saved but the AUsampler data isn’t loaded. Loading samples, assigning to keys etc in AU sampler took me all day alone.

Any thoughts how to fix?

I replied on another thread that I think you started, but repeating here in case you or anybody else is interested. I use the Battery plug in (from Native Instruments) to trigger samples/one shots. It was originally designed for drums/percussion, but I find the features to be exactly what I need. For one, a sample can be triggered with simply a MIDI note, which makes it easy to use with GP.

And for anyone wondering how to trigger a MIDI note with a button in GP, here’s the trick: map the button to the MIDI In widget connected to the instrument you want to send the note to, and select the note you want it to trigger from the parameter list. Each of the possible MIDI notes (0-127) is listed.

For Battery, I have a MIDI In widget connected to Battery. I add a button to my panel, and map that button to the note parameter in the MIDI In widget that corresponds to the sample in Battery. It’s ridiculously simple once you know that the MIDI In widget can do this.