[Gig] Audioplayer (with advanced functionality)

In this gig file is presented the Gig Performer’s bundled Audio File Player plugin with some additional advanced functionality which is implemented using scripting.



  • Play mode switching (single or muti track),
  • Play / Pause the playhead,
  • Play from the start,
  • Stop and reset the playhead with a press of one button,
  • When in “single track” mode, you can change the playing track on the fly (radio button mode),
  • Set the “One-Shot” playing mode for all tracks at once (on/off),
  • Use an advanced “loop-mode”,
  • Define a looping range by either capturing the actual playhead position with a button, or adjust the start/end manually with two separate knobs,
  • Jump to the start of the loop,
  • Reset the loop range with one button.


IMPORTANT NOTE: After you have added one or multiple new audio files you need to update the actual maximal playing length with the according button in the loop section (if you don’t do this, all the timestamps cannot be calculated correctly).

Hint: Hold the CTRL key pressed while dialling the loop-range knobs for fine-adjustment

Download: audioplayer_looper.gig (622.8 KB)

Credits: @schamass

Discussion thread: LINK