Audioplayer (advanced functionality)

EDIT: I uploaded a revised version of the gig-file! Please re-download the file.
Under certain circumstances there could have been an error when opening the old file (this should be gone now), and i noticed that the panel looked quite ugly on “normal” screen resolutions (1920x1080)… should be better now.

Hi guys,

i finally managed to “nail together” a rackspace which gives the inbuilt audioplayer of Gig Performer some additional advanced functionality which is not (yet?) implemented in the actual internal plugin:

With this rackspace you can:

  • switch the play mode (single or muti track)
  • play / pause the playhead
  • play from the start
  • stop and reset the playhead with a press of one button
  • when in “single track” mode, you can change the playing track on the fly (radio button mode)
  • set the “One-Shot” playing mode for all tracks at once (on/off)
  • use an advanced “loop-mode”
  • define a looping range by either capturing the actual playhead position with a button, or adjust the start/end manually with two separate knobs
  • jump to the start of the loop
  • reset the loop range with one button

After you have added one or multiple new audio files you need to update the actual maximal playing length with the according button in the loop section!
If you don’t do this, all the timestamps cannot be calculated correctly!

Hint: Hold the CTRL key pressed while dialling the loop-range knobs for fine-adjustment!

And here is the gig file:
audioplayer_looper.gig (622.8 KB)

Have fun with it! :slight_smile: :santa:
(belated Merry Christmas!)



Please see the EDIT note in the first posting - i uploaded a new version of the file!


Done! Thank you.

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Latest download gave no error !


Nice. I’ve done a similar thing to this, but I’d love it if I could work out how to get it to display the time remaining to a defined point (selected by a knob similar to your ‘loop end’ one here for example). That way I could set an accurate out point for the track that I can could down to for cueing the next song. But my scripting still isn’t up to it! :roll_eyes:

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So do i understand you right:
You’d like to define your own “stop” point somewhere before the actual end and you’d like to see the remaining play time until the playhead will reach this point (as a count down)?

Yes, that’s it.

Ok… i’ll have to see how to do this… but it’s not a bad idea at all.

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Thank you so much for this! As a 2 week old Gig Performer user, I can’t thank you enough for your help on this! Now all I need to do is figure out how to get the backing tracks to continue playing through all of this specific song’s rack variations.

Much appreciated!

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@schamass Many thanks for your efforts on the Audio Player. Your earlier version of “scripted” Audio Player is essential in my setup allowing me to use Multitrack Backingtracks and starting and stop/resetting them with two Keys (Note on messages)

Now when I tried this newer version with loop functionality I came across a strange issue which happens the same on Mac and PC.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open the audioplayer_looper.gig and load any audiofile
  2. Go to edit and learn a “Note on” to the “Play from start” button
  3. Learn another “Note on” to the “Reset / stop” button

Now starting and stopping via Note on will work once, but the LEDs of the buttons will keep lighting and it´s not possible to start again with Note on.
Only when you hover the curser over the buttons the LEDs will stop lighting and it´s possible to start the player again.

This is not the case on the older version I´m using although I don´t see any differences in the Midi settings of the buttons.
Any idea what´s wrong here?

Strange… i will have a look into this later, but i’m afraid it might be again some kind of mysterious timing/GUI-update issue.
My personal advice would be to be patient until the new GP version is released (think this should happen in a not so far future :wink: ). It might contain a real game changer regarding this purpose.


Many thanks. So don’t put much work into investigation then. As said before, right now I’m happy with your earlier version which works perfekt for me.
And I’m really looking forward to the Update…
The new features that have been revealed already are quite impressive for a V4 update… so I’m surprised there will be even more gamechanging stuff :smiley::+1: