Play midi clips in ableton from gig performer

I want to send midi clips to play vst instruments on ableton, and this functionality inside a gigperformer rackspace in order to control ableton from gigperformer.

For example, I have various midi clips on ableton, press a key on the keyboard controller and ableton play the midi clip and send it to the vst instrument. Press another key and send the other midi clips to the vst instrument. I tried to use reMidi 2 and Magix Independence with no success.

Thanks for your help

You can MIDI map clips in Ableton Live

On Mac there is IAC and you can send out MIDI Messages from GP to IAC
and in Ableton Live the IAC is activated for input.

This way it is very easy.

Or even simpler: Just MIDI learn your controller in Ableton Live

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Thanks. Now on a live situation how can I for example play my guitar with a rackspace of effects and then switch to another rackspace with this ableton midi clips setup to play with a midi controller.

Ok, use virtual midi and send cc messages from gp.
This can be done via scripting or widgets sending midi to a midi in plugin connected to the virtual midi out.
You can also send midi messages from song parts.

A lot of possibilities, depends on your live situation.


I’ll try it and let you know. Thanks you so much for all your help.

Just make sure you remove or don’t use the MIDI OMNI block as that can cause feedback loops when using IAC

Hi pianopaul:

What virtual midi software do you recommend for the job on windows 10.


As I am a Mac user I cannot recommend

LoopMIDI for example.
You can name your ports and add multiple ports for free.

More information: How to route audio and MIDI on Windows and macOS [resources]

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