Peter Claes

Peter Claes is a renowned sound engineer and has worked with national and international artists over the past 30 years. Peter was working as a sound engineer for bands like Hooverphonic, Arsenal, Axelle Red, The Simple Minds and many more (see the client list).

As a founder of company Varisound, Peter support bands with complete sound sets including transport and crew. He also provides services to city councils and environmental departments for the optimization of the sound systems while minimizing the environmental annoyance.

In his another project, Masterclaes, founded in 2015 in Belgium, Peter has been giving masterclasses for a live audience of live and studio sound engineers, musicians and producers in live mixing, compressors, effects, mixing in the box and 1-on-1 masterclasses.

In the Backstage with Gig Performer show, Peter said that was introduced to Gig Performer by another big name in the music industry Matteo Cifelli :

(see here that part of the live stream)

On his Instagram profile, you can see photos of Gig Performer sticking out behind a dozen of VSTs:

More information:


Peter Claes (his Instagram profile is masterclaes) enjoys zero latency plugins in Gig Performer.