Matteo Cifelli

Matteo is a London based multi platinum mixing engineer/producer and FoH engineer for world-class leading artists, such as Tom Jones, Will Young, Robert Plant, Il Divo and Bryan Adams (see some of his clients in this list).

Here are a couple of photos of Matteo’s setup:

When he stumbled upon Gig Performer, he immediately recognized that Gig Performer is a game-changer in the music industry.

Also nicknamed as “FasterMaster” Matteo is well-known as one of the fastest and more effective engineers in the field.

It is Mr Cifelli that recommended Gig Performer to our recent Backstage with Gig Performer guest Peter Claes. (see here that part of the live stream). Thank you for spreading the word! :slight_smile:

Learn more:


Here’s a nice episode of Backstage with Gig Performer featuring Matteo:


What is the “purple reverb” he uses?

Looks like this:


Thanks you. Indeed, vey, very nice sounding on vocals. I also love the ER VERB of the SSL L500s mix console on vocals, but SSL didn’t release any plugin with this reverb.

The reverb used by Matteo for vocals is currently on sale:

I could be nice to get the settings used by Matteo for vocals with this reverb. Is somebody in touch with him? Perhaps he could save a GP favorite for us? :innocent: