Parameter usage with Gobal RackSpace

FIRST: Thanks for the great update and all the new features !!

I played around a bit with the GlobalRackSpace to cover the usually needed keyboard amps (Fender / Giuitar Amp with Leslie / Leslie only) in one place. When I mapped the widgets from the GRS to the normal RS i had the following problems:

  1. All the amps have a Widget named “Vol” or “Gain” or “Reverb”. In the parameter list they will all show with their name used in the GRS but no indication if it is the Fender “Vol” or the Leslie “Vol” as it is only named “Vol”. Is there a way to add this additional information without extending the Widget name in the GRS?
    An Option may be to add a comment in the widget name “Vol//-Fender//” that is only shown in the parameter list but not with the display of the widget name in the GBS. Or use the optional OSC/GPScript name and add it to the display of the parameter list.

  2. Within the GRS I have used a button to switch between slow and fast Leslie and I display the current value in the name of the button. The button is than mapped to a button in the normal rackspace. Unfortunately the button in the normal backspace shows only “0” or “1”. The original displayed value is not passed from the GRS to the normal rackspace. Any option to pass the current value to the normal Rackspace?

I don’t think so… either you take notes somewhere (good example could be GP comment block) or you have to add sort of a “prefix”

Have used the comments and also assigned blocks of parameters to the used amps (eg Fender ist 10-19, Leslie is 20-29, …). but this is all not very suitable and is not fail-safe.