Sync button between Rackspace and Global Rackspace

I would like to sync a button between a rackspace and the global rackspace - eg to mute / unmute a channel in the GRS.

I usually reverse the button to show a “green” light if the channel is unmuted.

Mapping a button from the rackspace to the GRS works without a problem if the button in the GRS is NOT reversed. I can change the status at the rackspace and the GRS and any change is correctly synced.

If I reverse the button in the GRS to get a “green” light (if the channel is not muted) the synchronisation is only working from the rackspace to the GRS but not from the GRS to the rackspace.

Do I need to change any setting or is this feature not available for the reserved button in the GRS.

I have added small Gig with an one normal button and one reserved.

Test GRS button interlock.gig (133.3 KB)

using Mac Big Sur and GP4

Thank you for reporting this. We’ll add this to our list. There is a slight difference in how things are handled when you link the widgets this way. The primary purpose of it is to allow local rackspace - e.g. variations to control the global widgets. That part works properly though.

I understand the focus on the local rackspace controlling the global one but was a bit confused as only the reversed button is not working in both directions.

It would be kind if you can also add an improved display of the widget value to your list:
There is no passthrough of text based values from the global widget to the local rackspace. In this case the values “muted” and “unmuted” are not passed to the local rackspace. In the local rackspace only “1” and “0” are shown based on the button status.
If you use a widget with number based values (eg gain) it is working. The values are synced between local and global rackspace. See related post