I’ve stumbled upon this new OSC app, and want to sare with you.

OSC/PILOT is a deadmau5’s (Joel Thomas Zimmerman) OSC controller.

Price: USD 49.99.
Free trial: Yes, fully functional except that it cannot load or save projects.
OS: Windows 8.1 and Windows 10
Download: https://oscpilot.com/pages/downloads
Unfortunately, this v0.96 isn’t stable on my Win 8.1, although they sell it:

I’ll try it on Windows 10, as well to see are there any errors and how it works with Gig Performer.

Review: https://www.gearnews.com/osc-pilot-deadmau5s-performance-controller-is-now-available-to-everyone/

Just to share.


Did you try the free open source Mrmr OSC controller ? (http://ecumedesjours.com/Mrmr/)
for the moment only available for iOS (https://apps.apple.com/app/mrmr-osc-controller/id294296343), but as it is open source one could decide to port is to another platform…

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No, I didn’t, I’m more into Windows and Android. :slight_smile:
Have you tried it?

No, I didn’t. But as you reviewed many OSC apps recently and as you seem to go on this way, I wanted to ask as it seems to be very promising (UDP & TCP based OSC and open source).

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Thanks for the recommendation! :slight_smile:
I must admit I like OSC feature very much in GP. Even my kids like to tap on the buttons and sliders when I play home. It’s fun :slight_smile:

There will be a change of my course, however. Stay tuned :slight_smile:

Looks cool and reasonably straight forward to use.

I don’t see anything off hand that Open Stage Control doesn’t do, though, and I like that Open Stage Control is cross platform, free, and has a very responsive developer and forum.

Of course, Open Stage Control could use a pretty homepage with a good tutorial video on it.

As could pretty much every open source product!

Ive tried this it on Windows 8.1 & it’s still unstable.

There are a few unique features like the faders which can be calibrated to revert back to the starting position you specify & you can modify the speed & smoothing of the animation. But gig performer can do this with scripts.

I have not purchased Gig performer & I feel that’s it’s disrespectful to request or expect others to assist with my queries. But gig performer has so much more potential which I feel is overlooked.

I would like to engage with a developer in private if they can contact me or provide a contact address.

Feel free to ask :wink:

I sent you a private message. What did you need?