Optimizing macOS Sonoma for flawless live performance with GP5

Hi folks - I’m soooo incredibly excited to start this journey with GP5. I’ve only just discovered GP a few weeks ago, and just by the YouTube videos I’ve watched, I’m astounding that something like this even exists!

I’m completely new to macOS, been a Windows user ever since forever, and I’m not the most saavy just yet. Is there a guide or a optimization or best practices guide for macOS Sonoma when setting it up to host a live keys rig? I saw the blog on macOS Monterrey, will everything still apply?

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In principle there is no difference

First, welcome to the forum :wave:

Yes, the main concepts are the same. The GUI can differ slightly between the macOS versions, but the concepts are the same. I’m on Sonoma and Monterey.

Some other tips and differences you can find in this blog article: [blog] Cross-platform usage and moving from one platform to another

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