Open Stage Control app text widget and GP


I have tried to define a setup for GP control via Open Stage Control app. The buttons and knobs work perfectly, but I could not get any response from text widget. I would need to display Song name there, but setting osc address field to “/CurrentSongName” has no result. No information was obtained while switching songs in GP. It seems that text widget does not respond to any command providing string output from GP, e.g. “/knob1/GetCaption”. Is it some other property, e.g. preArg, what has to be done?

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Probably you already look at documentation…

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Hi @JiriNeuzil welcome!

Have a look at my sample Open Stage Control template here:


Sure. But it is strange that NO text output from GP was obtained. I have tried several commands…


@JiriNeuzil Do you have ‘debug’ mode switched on from the initial O.S.C. config/launch window?
It makes it much easier seeing everything sent out by GP.

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For a ‘Text’ control, you put the OSC address into the ‘Value’ field in this format:


Hi rank13,

thank you for your welcome and help. Tried to look at your template, it works like a charm even without setting up custom module :slight_smile:

What I need is just the song name field in the upper part of the screen. Do I understand well that is it important to have the button GetSongList there?

Otherwise, my system is to have a dedicated button for one concrete song, which is what I was able to set up and worked fine.


If all you want is the current song name displayed, then just use the example above and populate the ‘Value’ field for the text widget.

Yes, I have

Yes, that works! THANK YOU! :slight_smile:

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