OP-X 2 and 3, change patch random problem

My gig file has many Rackspaces that use these plugins. Randomly sometimes the patch I saved with the Rackspaces isn’t the patch that comes up.

Anyone else see this problem with the Sonic Projects plugins? Any tips?

What version of the plugin are you using?

Ive been using the VST3 versions. I think that’s the only one available for OP-X Pro 3.

What version of Gig Performer are you using?

4.8.2 version of GP

Any small/simplest gig file to share, showcasing the issue?

I can possibly share when I get home later today

I think it is supposed to be solved with OP-X Pro 3. You can save the settings of OP-X Pro 2 as a GP preset and load it in OP-X Pro 3.

It’s not resolved in OP-X Pro 3, as I stated earlier.

Are you able to reproduce the issue or is it totally random?

Pretty easy to reproduce though it doesn’t always happen on the same Rackspaces. Some will pull up OP-X presets fine. Some dont

And it seems to be different each time it happens

Maybe try switching to another preset, saving, then reloading the preset you want and save it again? (Worth a shot, I figure).

Is it always the same preset?

(I have had this happen, I think after an update. It happened with Syntronik 2. I think I ended up switching to a different preset (very similar) where it did not happen.)

I just sent a message to Peter (info@sonicprojects.ch) the developper of OP-X Pro 3 to ask him if he could do something. I think he already worked with @dhj in the past to fix an issue with OP-X Pro 2.

Well I just got home and tested again. Same issue. Random OP-X Pro 3 patches come up, regardless of what was saved in the Rackspace.

I also raised my buffers to 256 (at Peter from Sonic Project’s suggestion that maybe my buffers were set too low to handle things). But the problem persists regardless.

We have emailed the developers so that we can investigate this issue.

Just for your information, this issue happened to me too. I had the feeling that it happened after having saved and reloaded the whole gig file. Not sure at all about this, but I had the feeling that if you don’t touch and save a specific Rackspace, the OP-X Pro 3 instance of this Rackspace goes on working properly.

Do you have the issue, starting from a well working gig file, if you don’t save it?

I hadn’t even considered this but I use GP Predictive Loading because my Gig file is quite large. Maybe that is affecting this somehow.

Just wanna say I appreciate this community and everyone trying to help.

What happens when you turn off Predictive Loading?