Novation Impulse with GP

Hi. New to all of this and to GP. I simply cannot get my novation impulse controller keyboard to work with GP. Can anyone help me with basic MIDI settings to get it working?


Hi and welcome to the GP-forums!
What is the exact problem and what do you want to do (and how)?
“cannot get it to work” is not so much information that we could know, how to help.
Thecause for such an issue could be anything…

Maybe you should first check if your controller is present in GP… go to the menu “Options” → “MIDI-Ports”
Please make a screenshot of what it shows and upload it here. Then we can go on with investigating what could be wrong.

Oh, and maybe you could read these guidelines first, so you will know what we mean when we ask for “information”… thank you in advance. :slight_smile:


I use a Novation Impulse 25 regularly with no problems. In addition to checking if your controller is present, note that options vary between the Impulse keyboards so please include your specific keyboard model when replying. Although the 25 is small and ‘handy’, it has it’s limitations!

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Thanks for replying
I have the Impulse 49. I have had no probs getting it to work with Ableton Live, but I can’t for the life of me get it working in Gig Performer. Perhaps if you’re kind enough you could give me the exact midi settings, because I’m sure the problem is there. And the other thing I don’t entirely understand is how you map multiple instruments to the faders on Impulse. If you have time perhaps you could send me a photo of your midi setup page
Thanks in advance. Sev

Hi @sevarino,

I use a Behringer UMC interface and it’s associated driver for MIDI input, but the GP included Omni MIDI plugin works just as well if not better.

However - there are occasional glitches, the symptoms of which MIDI just doesn’t work at all for either unless I restart GP. One of those case where I know what to do to work around it but not what’s causing it! The way I notice it is that the MIDI indicator in the upper right hand corner indicates it’s receiving the MIDI signals but the plugin page doesn’t show receipt of anything. Used happen a lot with GP3, now its only sometimes with GP4 so I assume there is some conflict with the program. Hitting the MIDI panic reset doesn’t do anything either. I’ve been meaning to spend more time trying to figure it out, but… If I do I’ll reply to you. Sorry to hear that you are having problems because my Impulse 25 seems to work without any problems although I don’t use it to it’s full capability either.

@sevarino you still did not give us info to work with…


…nor have you made a screenshot of your “Midi-Port” configuration page.
And since my crystal ball is still in repair, i am not able to guess what might cause the issue. Sorry


@sevarino I just raised your user status if this was maybe keeping you from further postings… So now you are enabled to post and upload stuff to the forums.