Novation impulse 61 expression pedal-switching song parts

Hi all,
I am using GP 3 with scarlett 18i8 3rd gen. and Novation impulse 61.
My goal is to switch song parts with expression pedal, but when i assign my pedal to do it, and push the pedal, GP switches to the last song part, not next.
Please, is there any solution for this ?

Is it really switching to the last song part or is it actually just jumping a part? If you only have three parts, it would look like it’s going to the last song part.

My bet is that you didn’t turn on **Momentary" so that it doesn’t trigger both when you press the pedal and release it.

Will start work with an expression pedal which is not a trigger like a sustain pedal?

There are several way to do it, I would use a momentary button and midi learn the expression pedal to it, then map this button to the next song part parameter of a GP system actions plugin.

What did you do?

I just tested with Modulation but Expression should do the same
Mapped it in the global MIDI options to next rackspace and then activated “Momentary”
Each time the cc value 127 is sent to Gig Performer the action is done - in my case Next Rackspace"

So turn on “Momentary” should work.

Without being able to test immediately, I suspected that any value higher than 64 would trigger the MIDI global action at each new value higher than 64, such that @Manikorg would have triggered it several times until it reached the last song part. So, I am still interested to know what he did exactly.

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Double Checked: The value sent must be 127 in my test case

So, i tried it in setlist options, checked momentary and learned. After that pedal is not working. When i uncheck momentary, press the pedal, it skip to the last song part(3rd). Tried global midi(down/up) - same problem.

sorry for my english - in hurry now…

Please post screen shot showing the settings where you learned the value

Also please open the Global MIDI Monitor, then try learning again and post what is displayed by the global MIDI monitor

You know that when you learn a MIDI controller this message is blocked to be used further.

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Can you please post a screen shot of the global midi monitor after you have pressed and released the pedal a few times.

sorry, but i dont know where is global midi monitor…there is only global midi assignments

Top menu
Global midi monitor


Nothing coming in?
Do you move your expression pedal?