Notes get stuck when changing variations

Hey everyone,

I recently rebuilt my gigfile and I’ve been experiencing problems with stuck notes in some occasions ever since.

For one of our songs I use a variation for the intro that includes a simple pad sound in the local rackspace and a piano sound in the global rackspace. For the intro the piano is turned off, I only use the pad. For verse 1 I only need the piano. Since I don’t want the pad to stop abruptly, I don’t bypass it in the variation for the next song part, but change the highest midi note for the pad all the way down so it won’t create new sounds anymore.

So now when I switch variations from intro to verse 1 I occasionally get a stuck pad sound. I experimented a bit and learned that it only happens when I hold the keys down when changing song parts / variations. I guess it’s because the note off signal isn’t received by the plugin since GP won’t transmit the midi signal because I turned down the highest midi note.

Basically I have two questions: 1) Is this really the reason for my problem? 2) How do I best fix it without losing the option to change my keyboard split via highest / lowest midi note (cause that’s exactly what I implemented when rebuilding my gig file)?

Thanks for any help, questions or comments!

It’s probably also what’s causing your stuck note. So, if it is a bad choice, you will have to change it.

To tell the truth we have to guess what you did and it is not obvious. Did you use a widget knob mapped to the split notes of your MIDI in block? The right way to stop a plugin playing is to block the note on events within the MIDI in block.

Sounds like you constrained the high midi note. If that is the case, then rather than do that you should block “Note On” events in the Midi In block. When you do that, note offs and sustain pedal off events still work properly:

And then, if you are actually trying to change the range (and not just disable new note triggers on the sound), you could use two separate Midi In blocks - one for each note range that you want to allow in the two variations - but only have Note On events enabled for one of them at a time. So you would need two linked widgets - one which filters Note On events for one, while the other enables Note On events.

I’m sorry if I couldn’t make the problem clear enough. I’ll try to be more precise next time. Even more I appreciate your tips and comments and they already help me a lot.

Basically, my setup is as follows:

  • I use two keyboards to create MIDI signals
  • In my gigfile I use songs and song parts
  • Every song or song part uses a rackspace or a variation. Rackspaces contain plugins to create the desired sounds using the incoming MIDI signals from my keyboards
  • The global rackspace contains two plugins with piano sounds. Usually only one of them is active at the same time.
  • Local rackspaces contain different plugins with other sounds.
  • I use widget knobs mapped to the max note and min note of my MIDI in blocks to realize keyboard splits since I need different keyboard splits in the same rackspace depending on the song or song part. E. g. in song part 1 I want Pad sound and piano sound on the whole keyboard. In song part 2 I might want piano on the whole keyboard but pad only on the lower half.

Here is a picture (1) of my setup showing the keyboard split, left side is min / max note of the local RS, right side is min / max note of the global RS.

Now in one song I used (1) for the intro and (2) (see next picture) for the next song part:

Doing this I ran into the problem of stuck notes whenever I switched from (1) to (2) without releasing the keys prior to switching.

Using the block note on functionality as suggested by @David-san and @BryanD does solve the problem in this case, but doesn’t work when I actually want to change the range of the local rackspace e. g. to the lower half of the keyboard.

Using a second MIDI in block as suggested by @BryanD also solves this second problem and I think this is what I will do. Unfortunately it also raises the overall complexity of the setup and adds new potential sources of error in operation, but I guess I’ll have to live with this.

I hope I was more clear this time and thanks again! :slight_smile:

Your use case which necessitates to change the split dynamically is quite specific. Perhaps you could try the split Scriptlet in this rackspace:

It could be that I took into account the possibility to change the splits dynamically. I don’t remember well… please try and let me know.

Just a little trick. When you are in a gig file where you find an interesting Scriptlet, you can simply select the Scriptlet and define it as a favorite. This way when you are in another gig file and need it too there, you can simply add it as a favorite.

I’ll give that a try. I don’t know when I find the time, but I’ll let you know if it worked for me!

And thanks for the trick with the scriptlet, that’ll help.

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