NI Guitar Rig Instance

I’ve created a new GP instance for the guitar to separate it from the keyboards
I have one instance of NI Guitar Rig V6 in the global, but when I open the GUI I get this message. what does it mean and how can I fix it ?
Thanks in advance

It means that NI didn’t consider the possibility that there could be more than one instance open.

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You’ll have to beat up NI who probably won’t care

Ah thanks, so i can safely ignore the message.

I don’t know. It’s not a GP issue. You should ask on the NI forums.

It’s unclear what wouldn’t be saved.

Ah ok thanks

totally give in on this wonder if GP 7 is ok anyone any experience of this on 7

I have guitar rig 7. As far as I know having guitar rig in multiple instances (that is instances in multiple hosts or multiple gp instances) is no problem. But you cannot modify/add presets from all instances. Only the first one I guess. So first create your own preset while having only one instance running. When you’re done, you can use that preset in multiple instances simultaneously.

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