Next song with various controller pads

Hi there!
Totally new user but enjoying the 14 day trial so far.

If I finally decide to purchase GP I think I’ll be the first in my area of Spain to use it. Nobody I’ve spoken to has ever even heard of it so I’ll be proud to spread the word.

Technical question: Is there a way send next/previous song messages from different controller pads and/or pedal switches?

I have 2 88key controller keyboards, 2 akai control pads, an Ax edge (wireless mode keytar) and a pedal board in different areas of the stage and I need to be able to change songs/ variations from wherever I am at all times but I just can’t figure out how to do this.
I’m coming from mainstage where this sort of function is very straight forward.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Yes, the simplest way (I use) is in the Global Midi menu. You can assign a button next song/next rackspace another next song part/variation and the same to go back.

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But he wants to trigger next song/next rackspace from different controllers.


Hi @Miguel, welcome to the GP community forum.

A solution could be to add button widgets in the Global Rackspace assigned to your controller. Make a widget group for those controlling “next” and another for for those controlling “previous”. Add a GP System Actions plugin and for each widget group chose only one and map it to the next and previous plugin parameters.


Thanks to all! Very quick in responding.

I did actually try this using my minimum experience but I didn’t quite get it to work . I’m sure to be missing a step… I got both buttons to react from 2 different controllers but they wouldn’t, in turn, make the next/previous song to react…

I will keep digging into it…

Thanks again, gang!

See the Bonus section of this article: Gig Performer | How to change sounds and control plugins from your MIDI controller

You can use System Action blocks to do wonders.

  • Did you insert the GP System Actions plugin in your Global Rackspace Wiring View?
  • Did you map one and only one widget of your widget group to the Next or Previous parameter of the System Actions plugin?
  • I there something in the two previous points that you don’t understand?
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  • Did you insert the GP System Actions plugin in your Global Rackspace Wiring View?
  • Did you map one and only one widget of your widget group to the Next or Previous parameter of the System Actions plugin?

Point 1. No I didn’t… I will investigate this issue.
Point 2. Yes, exactly.

Thanks again

You cannot do Point 2 without Point 1


Exactly… Sorry…

what I understood by point 1 is mapping each button on each controller to its own widget and group each 2 widgets to a group… That, I did do… But didn’t get passed this point.

Is it working now?

I’ve just run out of trial days =( and didn’t quite get round to testing

I’ll have to purchase to carry on investigating …

I’m pretty sure I’ll be happy with the results all the same.


Purchase, you will never ever regret.


The best (and the best community).


That’s true! With purchasing GP and having joined these forums, you probably will get one of the best support options money can buy.
I dare to say: This bunch of people is quite unique in the internet. :vulcan_salute: :beers: :sunglasses:


I’ve already experienced the good will of the community… it does give an extra vote of confidence.


Hola Miguel!

Saludos desde Bilbao. Aquí ya somos dos los que usamos Gig Performer. Tampoco conocíamos a nadie más por la zona ni que lo conociera ni que lo usara.

Un placer!

Parece que las dudas resueltas no?

Hi Miguel!

Greetings from Bilbao. Here there are already two of us who use Gig Performer. We also didn’t know anyone else in the area or who knew it or used it.

A pleasure!

It seems that the doubts are resolved, right?

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