New model from Elgato: Streamdeck+

This new model now offers an additional four knobs… looks quite interesting!
But for $200 i wouldn’t call it a bargain…


That is tempting. Been looking for a small but capable interface for GP and my X32 and this could be it

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If you should buy it, please tell us if and how it works… :upside_down_face:

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Has anyone had any experience with the original StreamDeck and GP? It seemed interesting, but the lack of knobs was a dealbreaker. Curious to see if it plays nice with GP with bi-directional midi and possibly sysex control over the buttons/screen

@Stoffel is using it :slight_smile:

See here.

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Thanks! Got some homework to do. Seems the new model does not yet have support from the midi plugin that @Stoffel is using to communicate with GP.

The developer of the midi plugin says that he will adapt the plugin as soon as elgato posts the documantation of the streamdeck +

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Thanks! Will be monitoring it for updates. I’m also looking into this as a possible option.

I haven’t used these, but for those that are interested, the 15-key Elgato Stream Deck is on sale for $99 USD for one more day.

The midi plugin is NOT supported until now:
It’s the state for about one month. Without the midi plugin the stream deck is pretty useless within gig performer…

Depends what you want to do. Streamdeck can send keystrokes and you can use keystroke callbacks in a gigscript to respond to streamdeck buttons. It works quite well. There is also an OSC plugin available.

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The midi plugin was updated today and now works with Streamdeck+. :+1:


I’m glad to see the dials can be used to send midi, with multiple options:


Now that I have a Stream Deck+, the MIDI plugin really gets a lot of functionality out of the dials and the touch screen.

It allows you to show two additional buttons in the top left and right of each dial image. Both buttons can be activated on the touchscreen (in addition to being bi-directionally synced with GP). The labels aren’t supported, so instead I added a background image that had the labels in it, to achieve this (the led icons were ones I created):