New model from Elgato: Streamdeck+

This new model now offers an additional four knobs… looks quite interesting!
But for $200 i wouldn’t call it a bargain…


That is tempting. Been looking for a small but capable interface for GP and my X32 and this could be it

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If you should buy it, please tell us if and how it works… :upside_down_face:

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Has anyone had any experience with the original StreamDeck and GP? It seemed interesting, but the lack of knobs was a dealbreaker. Curious to see if it plays nice with GP with bi-directional midi and possibly sysex control over the buttons/screen

@Stoffel is using it :slight_smile:

See here.

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Thanks! Got some homework to do. Seems the new model does not yet have support from the midi plugin that @Stoffel is using to communicate with GP.

The developer of the midi plugin says that he will adapt the plugin as soon as elgato posts the documantation of the streamdeck +

Thanks! Will be monitoring it for updates. I’m also looking into this as a possible option.