New BLISS Resampler 1.5

Can you export only the loop range as WAV or AIF to see what’s wrong with the loop points? Does BLISS maybe does a short crossfade between the Loop Out and In points and that’s why it sounds perfect in BLISS?

Does BLISS resample offline? The Sample Robot feature (at least at the moment) can only do it in real time which of course takes 10-15 minutes for sampling 61 keys chromatically…

Thanks for your input. SampleRobot looks good, but if I can find a less expensive alternative as I need to sample only a few patches in a unique module.

@olive I have mention this on other thread (free):

Sampling in BLISS is very fast, it is done not in realtime

Yeah, but it can only sample VSTs - it doesn’t send MIDI out like SampleRobot so you can’t sample hardware nor can you sample proprietary plugins.

You are absolutely right.

I have checked BLISS 1.8.0 and I have sampled a sound of Dune3, because Dune3 sometimes losts the settings, I 've mentioned that in another thread named Dune3 plugin

I used the sampled BLISS-sound instead of the original Dune3-sound and I was very suprised because the pitch of the sound depends on the velocity. When I play soft, the sound is out of tune, when I play hard, it is correct.

So I use a fixed velocity in GP 4 (110) and it works, but that only seems to be a simple workaround. I think, I’ve made a mistake in BLISS. Any idea what went wrong? Or could it be the sound in Dune 3, it is a normal factory sound, a motion pad?

Which Dune sound did you resample?
Did you resample with the standalone version of BLISS?

Soundbank DUNE 2 Factory Pads 004: Blue Fantasy EDT
At first I resampled in GP 4, then I’ve used the standalone version, same result.

I just did, cannot detect the issue

now sampled this
Soundbank DUNE 2 Factory Pads 004: Blue Fantasy EDT

no issue

MacOS or Win?

I did it this way on Win 10 (!): Bliss — VSTi Sampling - YouTube

i am on Mac

Okay, tomorrow I’ll try it on Mac.

On Win 10 I just sampled

Soundbank DUNE 2 Factory SFX 029: Twist EDT

no issue

Very strange, thank you for trying!

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I sampled

Soundbank DUNE 2 Factory Pads 004: Blue Fantasy EDT

with my Mac and had no issue, but it sounds more “centrically” then the original sound, the original Dune3 Preset sounds thinner and has more heights.

I’have not changed the basic settings. Do you use a special configuration in BLISS for sampling?

how many velocities did you sample?
Did you resample every note?

How long did you sample each note?

With heights you mean more high frequencies?

With “heights” I mean high frequencies, the BLISS-Sound is dull and muddy. In German we would say “zu mittig”.

OK, this I did not detect.
Maybe SampleRate?

Just for a test, sample each note from c-5 - c-6

Better - the original sound has more “punch”, but perhaps I could use an effect after BLISS.

Thank you!

With 8 keys distance you loose a lot of the original.

I looked at to search for an update of BLISS.

I found “DISCOVERY PRO [7.3]”, it looks like a Nordlead Synth.

Has someone in the forum checked “Discovery pro”?