Dune3 plugin

Wow — just tried the demo of Dune 3 — that’s a really nice plugin, I gotta say.

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Is it Production now?

I would not have mentioned it here if it wasn’t public😉

And you also have Dune 2 (which is an important part in my live template)…?

I’m a huge fan of Virus. Had a TI in the past. This would definitely give me that back.

Someone using Dune 3?

I use Dune 3, it is a very nice plugin, but sometimes the setting gets lost, as well in Win 10 as in MacOs. Sometimes means, that the sound works a few weeks and suddenly Dune 3 plays the first patch of the respective Soundbank. The bug can be reproduced after a longer period no matter whether it is GP 3 or GP 4.

I haven’t contacted the support yet.

I am using it, very excited.

Contact support,they are very responsive !

You mean the Hardware Virus?

I mean

I will try to sample the sounds with Bliss.

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I am using Dune 3 in GP3&4 for 5 months, great plugin indeed! No problems for me so far.

I did have a similar problem once with pianoteq. The cause was that I made a gig file on laptop A, and then loaded it to laptop B, which had a previous version of pianoteq installed. So apparently pianoteq jumps to the default patch when loaded with settings saved from a newer version.

Could this be the problem in your case as well?

Yes, I made a Gig file on my Windows PC and then transfered it to my MacBook Pro. But I think that is not the problem.

In my Gig File I have three rackspaces with Dune3 sounds, I save the Gig File, shut down the Windows PC or the MacBook Pro and after two hours or the next day there i no issue. But someday when I do not expect this my Dune-Sounds are suddenly reseted, I hear the first sound of the soundbank. This happens periodical, but only with Dune3. I have no idea why…