My GP setup- Simple yet powerful

Hi All,

Just wanted to share my GP based rig, I’ve been using GP since the release of GP4. Below is my current rig for Sundays at church.

Asus Laptop sits on top of my rack. The rack houses my MOTU Ultralite MK4, and a small wireless router for controlling loops in Ableton from my iPad (only use Ableton for loops, sync tempo via Link).

Behringer P16 for my IEM’s
Midi Fighter Twister for controlling parameters in GP
Yamaha FC7 and Boss footswitch to control parameters in GP hands free.
Yamaha MODX8 being used as just a Midi controller
Sit/stand piano shell/stand.

So far GP has been amazing. Many thanks to the developers for this great software solution.



Thank you for sharing! :slight_smile: