Global Rackspace Example for CCM

Hi all, here is my global rackspace file per Mavoz request on the below thread. It’s the global rackspace I was using on the Backstage episode I did. If anyone has any questions about it feel free to ask.


Note: the updated rackspace is in this post.


Thank you, @mike86, you rock, and thanks for your generosity in sharing your knowledge. :grinning:

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Thanks Mike…super generous and greatly appreciated. Thank you!!

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Thank you for sharing. Just for the completeness:

[1] The Global rackspace screenshot

[2] Mike’s Backstage episode:


Hi all, I have updated my global rackspace since I posted it here so I just wanted to share my updated version.
In this version I have added a Drone Pad (via GP Script) which uses one widget to turn on and off a drone pad. The way it works is that it takes the key you are in during setlist mode and plays the correct notes based on your song key. Switching off the widget turns off the drone. If you change your song while the drone is playing it will change to the appropriate key automatically. Since it is dependent on the song key it will only work in setlist mode.

Edit: I made a slight improvement to the script and re-uploaded.

GLOBAL RACKSPACE V3 ML.rackspace (930.3 KB)


Thank you, @mike86 for sharing your rackspace! Very generous of you.


How do I load this?

Open Gig Performer
In Panels view, select the Global Rackspace
Then File>Import Global Rackspace> choose the file you downloaded here.


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Alternatively, open the Global rackspace and simply drag and drop the file :slight_smile:LINK

This blog article is also worth reading → Gig Performer | Gig Performer Maintenance: Save, Export and Backup


Is the script only for the drones?

No, there is also a script in there to display next song key.