My Gig Performer rig

I have been away for a long time. Playing on a real thing.

I have recently come back because I wasn’t satisfied with my tone. So am “curing” myself with some virtual Dual Rectifier + I.R.s because I can’t buy the new thing for now…

Anyway… Here are some screenshots how my rig looks like. I have replicated my whole real rig. It works seamlessly and almost as good and sometimes even better. It all depends/

Maybe someone will find it helpful

and this is what I have basically substituted in gig performer (the last photo). Some things better, some worse. It works and I can practice and have fun = I am supper happy. Would I go the same route again? Probably not. I would rather buy a modeller (all in 1) and be done with it. I am not using even 10% of the potential that gig performer has (probably less than 4% lol )/ The community and people behind the GP seems to be amazing so I am glad my money went here.

As for playing the real thing vs virtual? If anyone wonders… It’s different. Not worse. Not better. Just different. Every single aspect of our universe has + & - and they’re everywhere. Stay happy & healthy/


Since you’ve been back using real amps, there’s been great releases using AI (ToneX and NAM). So now you can capture your own amp and have it in the digital world!

Sorry this was not my posting. Someone has butchered my original thread taking this out of context… Making two threads out of the one and both of them are missing crucial info now…

Not a fan of digital and I am not taking here about the sound quality. It just makes me fiddle with all the little details instead of practising/learning. I don’t have this kind of a problem when I play on my real rig. I just turn it on and play. DONE. With plugins, modellers, etc. There’s so much possibilities and they are so easy to experiment with that it just pulls me off my normal schedule lol.

Occasionally I am bored/unhappy/tired/etc. with my tone/gear/etc. and I end up in the “virtual rigs”

And I am back to virtual from the real not the other way round :slight_smile:

Really happy with the virtual gear as well. GP takes care of my virtual world (I have no g.a.s. for anything else digital) and my real rig will have to wait until Mesa Boogie comes back to EU. Dual Rectifier is the only amp I dream about and I don’t want to spend money for substitutes that will never replace the real thing. Hence I came back to GP and having lots of fun with a virtual Dual Rectifier, I.R.s and other stuff. Came back on the forum to post some of the info someone might find helpful in the future. A mod cut the post from the original thread and this is how it appeared here, out of context.

Hopefully this clears it a little more/