Line6 FBV Express MKII

Hello, everyone~!!

A really green and fresh one here trying to make it work for my guitar rig :slight_smile:

I will be using Line6 FBV Express MKII (recommended by one of the community users: Hermon)

Thank you for sharing, this totally fitted my long-time-search

I would like to get know a little bit more how you guys use it and if I am using the correct way.

This video was the first thing that actually made me move from the spot so hopefully someone else will also find it useful: Amplitube 4 midi control with a Line 6 FBV mk 2 expression pedal - YouTube

Thanks to this I am finally able to move between racks (which I treat as my presets, not sure if this is the correct way)

I also know about the varriation inside of the racks and this video helped me to learn a little about it:

(Sorry, new users can only put 2 links in a post.)

I still have not get to the WAH pedal. Only assigned racks to my ABCD switches. It works almost flawlessly (the amp graphics do not change unless I open and close it. No the plugin, just a preview of the amp gui Close window/double click on plugin so the gui shows up again)

The next step will be getting the WAH pedal to work so I will share my results/problems soon.

If you could show how you have your express mk2 set up in Line 6 FBV Control software, that would be very helpful as well.

Sorry for rushed post but I really wanted to start today and not postpone it any longer. Hopefully someone will find this topic helpful and I will learn some cool things from people using the same pedalboard./

Have a great day/night

Welcome @tgchan!

Each rackspace has a completely independent instance of the plugin, so you will need to open the plugin window in each rackspace.

There are ways to make this easier/automatic. One is to add a widget to open/close the plugin. You can even set the default state of the widget, so it always opens the plugin window when you switch to the rackspace.

There is also a setting in the Display options, to automatically open/close any active plugin windows as you switch back and forward between your rackspaces.


Did you solve your issue? I can see on your fbv editor that the wha and volume (when you physically toggle the button on the expression pedal) have not been assigned. I use for volume the cc7 and the other one cc11 if i remember correctly. Then you can map it to any plugging you want to use

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I still dont understand what is the issue. I use helix native and within native, i have assigned an automation control or midi cc to any expression effect (wha/volume/whammy) and on the pedal widget in gp i search for the native plugin and search for that assigned value. Then the assigned the fbv exp to the widget with midi learn. You haven shared the screenshot of the the pedal widget, just the button called “power”

Not sure if there is any issue. @tgchan sounds happy…

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Frank, is right. All’s good now.

More info below/

Some important and probably helpful images I have originally posted here are now below in another thread:

The info about:

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