MORNINGSTAR MC8 midi foot controller

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This is my first post. Very happy to be here.

I was hoping that a fellow guitarist here could direct me to a link that shows how to program a midi foot controller to GP.

I just picked up the MORNINGSTAR MC8 (great company).


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Thank you, Paul!

What do you want to do with the controller?

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THANK YOU FOR ASKING!!! I can’t seem to locate a single article on how to connect a midi foot controller to GP. Simply wanting to control GP for LIVE use using my MORNINGSTAR MC8. THANKS FOR YOUR TIME, PAUL!

Should be easy.
When the controller has an MIDI usb interface just connect with your computer.
Then in the options enable that new MIDI device, yes the controller is a device.

Now you are ready to assign the midi messages which are sent from the controller to specific standard actions in Gig Performer or MIDI map widgets.

OMG… you are so helpful… Yes, I did this last night. That said, options like:

MOVE UP show (not assigned yet) even thought I am hooked up via usb.

I see the green LED in the top right corner blink when I hit a switch.

You’d have to learn the individual commands from your controller so GP knows what to react to.
So simply click on the “learn” button, then press the button on your controller and GP should show the message, click on the next command, then the next button on your controller and so on.

Should be simple.

As far as switching rackspaces/variation goes using your foot controller - the simplest method is to program your MC8 to send program change (PC) messages to GP. Then the number next to the rackspace/variation will tell you which PC number will switch to that particular rackspace or song part. You can “hard assign” this in variation or song part properties or you can let it be assigned automatically and as you move your setups / songs up/down the appropriate number will get assigned.

Hope this makes sense.

Yes, everything makes total sense, thank you for the detail!

I’ve been hitting the LEARN button for about 14 hours now… HAHAH!!! Can’t get it to link to anything.

I’m talking about this stuff within MC8 (this is from MC8 manual)

Notice that the “TYPE” is “Program Change” and below you have “PC Number” which determines which number is sent to GP.

For the stuff that you want GP to “learn” like next/previous or widgets - passing “Control Change” with a certain number and things should work.

PC numbers are kind of special in the MIDI world as they are typically used for “changing programs” or in our case - rackspaces/song parts…

Use CC (Control Change) messages for other stuff

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What @djogon wrote will let you use your controller to switch between rackspaces/variations eaysily, but maybe you would also like to use the buttons for other things (switch effects or such), then this would be the way to go…
But your controller can also be easily configured to do both (PC and CC on diffrent buttons).
Make sure that your controller is configured in a way that it sends out CC messages (this might work best) - be aware that some of the CC numbers are reserved by standard to certain functions:
Here is a table where you can see what is reserved:

So you can without hesitation use the following CC numbers for your own use:
3 / 9 / 14-15 / 20-31 / 85-90 / 102-119

So as i understood the manual of your controller, you can assign up to 16 messages that one single button can send out… i guess, the most common use for a button would be
Message 1 → press → send CC number 20 → value: 127 → midi ch. 1
Message 2 → release → send CC number 20 → value: 0 → midi ch. 1

and this should be done accordingly (only with diffrent CC#) for the other buttons.

The rest stays the same:
place a button widget on your panel, learn it to a plugin’s parameter and then “midi-learn” it to a button of your controller…


Sorry, i used “press” action twice which would be nonsense… i corrected it. :slight_smile:

HOLY CRAP… David Jameson was correct when he told me to head to the community forum. You guys rock. I will now take a deep dive into the info both YOU and DJOGON have mentioned here. I’ll be back with an update.



Take your time and have fun.
…and if you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask.
Since we are a “very international” community, there will be someone to help at any time around the clock… well almost. :grin: :wink:


We are also happy to welcome a new community member :wink:


Hi D,

Question please, regarding your instruction here… "then the number next to the rackspace/variation will tell you which PC number will switch to that particular rack space".

Where do I locate this number?


here :wink:
Screen Shot 2021-05-19 at 23.16.53


Keyman!!! THANK YOU!!!

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Good morning from New Jersey!

Thanks to everyone here. GP3 and the MC8 are communicating.

The issue had to do with the PC numbers being OFF by one.

The MC8 PC number 0 represents GP3 PC 1.