MORNINGSTAR MC8 midi foot controller

In the preferences you can set that behavior.
Default is zero based, but you can change that.

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Congratulations, now you mastered the 1. Dan :wink:

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I have a question please… maybe you know the answer.

My expression pedals do not hold their current value when I switch presets. Is there a GLOBAL setting?


Ok, what is the “expression pedal”?

A widget in Gig Performer or really your physical expression pedal?

And what do you mean by “switch presets”?
A preset in a used plugin in a Gig Performer rackspace?

Do you have a small gig file showing the issue?
Can you upload that, so I can check?

Another trick with scripting:
Sync.gig (19.2 KB)

The trick is, that in scripting the value of a widget is globally stored in a special rackspace and when another rackspace is switched it reads the last value.
This way the position of your mapped expression pedal is “remembered”

Just load this gig and map the vertical slider widget in the normal rackspaces to your expression pedal and test if this is working for you.

And this is the thread where it was discussed some time ago:
Keep volume or mute of certain plugins independent of variations?