More SUPER basic OSC assistance

I’m getting the hang of it , mostly , I have a touchOSC 2021 template I’m using and constantly expanding .

I have some simple stuff , here’s my issue … trying to add a button to control a widget , in this case a widget that is mapped to open/closer Plugin Editor .

scratching head because in touchOSC Mk1 you could simply set /button5/SetValue and off to the races.

in TouchOSC 2021 , its more like / / name …
I assume parent name is the page , and name is the object itself , in this case button5.
I haven’t had any success open/close plugin editor … using direct Osc widget address and the basic Osc addressing , checking in Protokol that the Osc message is being generated from the iPad as well yes … the address Is correct and it’s floating , whatever that means FLOAT 0 , FLOAT 1… digging and delving , soon no hair left to pull out lol .

no issues connecting to GP from OSC using touchOSC , just trying to address that widget for Pete’s Sake …

Got it to work , by copying a toggle [button2]from the GP-iPhone template and renaming the address to
[button5] in all 7 of the OSC messages section

works like a charm , but caveat , what was I doing wrong , trying to reinvent the wheel , this exercise has simply put more faith in copying and pasting as opposed to creating from scratch , feeling queasy inside atm , but at the same time glad to see the open/close editor working , I’m torn .

Perhaps you can upload/share your template with the Community? :slight_smile:

great idea , however I can’t upload it through this thread or can I ? It’s greyed out here in this thread , but what’s the workaround ? Permissions seem to be solid … can’t select the touch OSC layout here in the upload dialog which opens a finder window to select the file …

Only certain file types can be uploaded. The workaround is to zip/compress the file first, as files with the zip extension can be uploaded.

The “” format that you mentioned is just the default. It’s normal to have to manually edit that to match what you need to send out.

Yes, please ZIP it and try to upload.

you can see the file and it’s associated zip GPRD1.tosc

still greyed out … (10.0 KB)

OK, I attached it.
Thanks :beers:

@bobco631 when you use a “pager” (tab) layout in TouchOSC, it will have names for each of those pages, which in your case was “home” and “Deets”.

When you add a control to one of these pages, TouchOSC will automatically create a default OSC address in the format:
…where the “” is an alias that will automatically translate to “home”. You could go and manually remove that and replace it with “home” and it will achieve the same thing.

Second observation is that unless you were needing to do something specific, you don’t need to use the per widget “Direct Accessible OSC” settings. If the reason for using it was to be able to specify the /home/button5, then you can get rid of the /home (or / part in TouchOSC and go back to the standard way to define the OSC address for widgets:

Your TouchOSC settings for that button had 7 different OSC messages attached to it. Only the first one is needed:

awesome , all great stuff to know , I’ll continue to edit and create layouts , having only that one message will save a lot of time and assigning …