Touch OSC, Protokol and Gig Performer

Hi. I am struggling with really basic OSC implementation. I just can’t get it to work.I have tried to read all the posts related to this but with no success. I suspect it’s something very basic or a Windows pecularity…so

I’ve got Touch OSC (MK2) working on my phone and messages are showing up in Protokol on my laptop. Hurray the two are connected!

Using the info from Protokol I’ve inserted the settings into Gig Performer. I’ve assigned as they appear and followed all instructions / videos that I could find (Both for Touch OSC and Gig Performer). However it does not move any sliders or buttons. I’ve deactivated the firewall on the local network as this did prevent messsages getting to Protokol initially.
I’ve used example touchOSC and gig performer files that have been successfuly used by other gig performer users. Pethaps it is peculiar to Windows?
I clearly have missed something but I’ve established that touch osc is sending messages that are being received Any ideas would be welcome.
Many thanks!
Google Pixel 4
Windows 10 laptop runing GP 4.5

These are settings currently but I’ve played with these for a few days…

…and the widget properties…

In TouchOSC, have you added the address as “/FADER/SetValue”?

GP needs the extra “SetValue” part, which you’ll need to add manually in the TouchOSC widget settings.

thank you so much for taking the time to reply.

Yes it is there…sadly.
As I wasn’t getting anywhere I am currently working with a single fader setup previously posted as funtioning by one of the community. This is sending data to Protokol (as did my other iterations!) but GP is not reponding. (10.7 KB)

Could you explain this? Also, could you post a screen shot showing your network settings on your Pixel?

No, it should work fine there - something is just not configured properly (assuming of course that your firewall is not blocking incoming UDP messages, something that’s quite common unfortunately by default)

Are you closing Protokol (or disabling the OSC tickbox) before opening GP? If you have the port open in Protokol then it won’t work in GP (as it can’t open it).

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Thanks so much! It’s connecting now!
Brilliant help much appreciated. I was resigned to getting a (secondhand) mac…

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