Minimal Setup, Maximal Grind. VSTi Hermit Speedrun

I’m Kevin and I suffer from frustrated gear acquisition syndrome. But I haven’t let that stop me from using Gig Performer. I last bought a hardware synth in 1986, having wasted my youth paying to raise three new taxpayers. Now, as I contemplate the autumn of life and say “get off my lawn, you kids” I realize I have soft G.A.S., and I’m ok with that. For now. My idea of relevant “pro gear” :

Don’t worry, it looks a lot better than it really is.

  • Focusrite Scarlett Solo gen 3 audio interface
  • Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro 250 ohm phones (most-accurate pairing for the Scarlett’s 4-volt capable headphone out)
  • Blackmagic Designs ATEM Mini Pro (which I cannot recommend highly enough, and the time saving ISO model is next for me)
  • Cheap gaming speakers
  • Behringer XENIX Q1008 USB mixerette which has already started to suffer from the famous “chinesium” capacitors. Sigh.
  • AKAI MPK Mini Mk II 25-key controller. I can’t play piano, I got it for the old Pro-Tools VST bundle.
  • I have a sustain pedal for it.
  • My DAW of choice is REAPER
  • I treated myself to a small 19" rack box. And an 8x8 HDMI matrix switch. Don’ t know what I was thinking.

Notice ‘on air’ and ‘record’ buttons and Kingston bare SSD logo below L. Yup, exactly as advertised. Including OSC(!) NO SPOILER

“She’s got it where it counts, kid. I’ve made a lot of special modifications myself.”

I’ve messed around with Cantabile and used the AKAI VIP host for a while mainly to put individual patches up like a sound board. My main machine is a custom tower I designed and built in 2021 on an 8-core Ryzen 7 3800X. It’s so pretty I have to keep shooing my 2 yr old granddaughter away from it when she visits.

I would have preferred to build something with no adolescent LED light/heaters inside it. Dang lockdown.

I also use a couple of older laptops and notebooks that have hung around over the years, whose HDMI outputs I feed into my ATEM switcher as poor man’s video playback decks. They are all engineered to give you 1080p Netflix playback, which just hits the quality bar if they don’t have to do anything else. When I’m live streaming I have a custom back-end mod/chat bot I wrote, which I run on one of them too.

A friend gave me his less-useful 15-button Elgato StreamDeck unit when he realized the 32 button one is much better and upgraded accordingly.

My camera was once a shining acquisition: the once-broadcast grade JVC GY HM-100 with Fujinon glass. CNN was so impressed by this camera they ordered 250 of them the year after I got mine to replace their HDV tape fleet. What? They didn’t ask. Because it outputs 4:2:2 chroma sampling from its HDMI output, despite only recording 4:1:0 to its native SONY MPEG-2 format, it acquired a new life feeding YUV to my ATEM switcher. Soon Gig Performer will even control it.

A pair of perfectly adequate control surfaces.

But here’s the thing. You don’t need even this much stuff. I’m 99% sure your computer has an OK audio interface built in, and you can actually do this all with no MIDI controller. All you need is Gig Performer and your favorite VSTi soft instruments and effects to make endless music/soundscapes. I proved to myself in a crazed 6-month run of making new .gig files from scratch, that much would suffice.

Feel free to see if I can figure out how to answer your questions!


Thanks for sharing. :beers:

Just to post this relevant thread for future readers: Six Months Creating In Gig Performer

Generative music in Gig Performer

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No Man’s Sky Expedition 11 with My Original Generative Cinematic Epic Ambient Music ep 2

No Man’s Sky with My Original Music

This music is not a render from a DAW, it all happened in real time - it was not prerecorded. Over the past few years I have developed many techniques and methods for creating live generative music without needing to spend huge amounts of money on synthesizer hardware.


The gameplay is mine from Hello Games’ “No Man’s Sky” expedition 11.
I’m particularly interested to know if you like or don’t like having the game sound mixed. The music track has a low-end roll off and slight EQ to help the game sound. Should I skip the game sound and just have the music full fidelity instead?
I’ve also made dozens of other videos over the last few years as you can easily find. Mixing gameplay footage is something I haven’t tried much.


This is an original musical creation I made and recorded live with several soft synthesizers and effects VSTs using Deskew Technologies’ Gig Performer VST host. The game FX audio is from my game play (such as it is) mixed with my original generative music rig created in Gig Performer. This isn’t a playlist nor a loop.

Over the past few years I’ve developed a lot of these live rigs. It’s a whole thing with me.


New video

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Oh thanks for the mention @npudar ! Happy new year all. Santa was a little late but I’m looking forward to a spanking new N-I M32 controller this week. Also a graphics card update as I continue my excuse for never having had the skills to learn to play piano.

My experience has been that thinking Gig Performer is for professional musicians only, doesn’t tell the whole story.

Hey, you should try, even plants can play Gig Performer these days! :laughing:

Yes, that’s why I wrote this article: Gig Performer | Gig Performer is the best companion for all your musical efforts and more

Thank you for mentioning Gig Performer in your videos, I’ll link some of your stuff here, maybe new users want to check out your stuff! :slight_smile: :beers:

Gig Performer live design session

Thanks @npudar I didn’t push the pedal on the production value here it’s ony a screen capture video but it lets you see all the bad habits(?) I have baked in over the last 3 years or so of starting with a blank gig file and seeing where I get to.

Maybe you guys need to call Stevie Wonder?

This music is not generated by an artificial intelligence algorithm. It’s my intelligence, thank you very much. Could be better maybe but it’s not artificial.

I love this guy! :joy:


And this latest creation is particularly inspired.


You’re very kind thank you.

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