Rich Thomsen

Rich Thomsen is a recording artist located in the Minneapolis/St Paul area in Minnesota. In the project Leaf Secrets, Rich integrates music technology into an exhibit connecting plants, sound, light, and visualizations.

For this unique use case, Rich uses Gig Performer for driving instruments and visuals to show plants’ response to people! :potted_plant: :potted_plant: :potted_plant: :potted_plant: :potted_plant:

I am driven to inspire joy, novelty, and connection with nature using technology. How might we preserve the nature that our own humanity depends on? The technology that informs, distracts, and entertains us can also inspire connection with fellow humans and all living things.

I receive MIDI data from biodata devices connected to plants and route the notes and CCs into Gig Performer to play VSTs and visualization software. The sound, light and visuals are triggered by shifts within the plant, naturally occurring, from environment and from people. Gig Performer makes it easy for me to swap out instruments, adjust ranges, do basic filtering and manage my setups.

This project is MIDI Innovation Awards 2022 – 3rd Prize Winner

Rich is also a singer/songwriter for New Wave, Synthpop, and Alternative genres check out Rich Thomsen & SquareSpiral.

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