MIDI Solo function

Hi folks, I’m looking for a way to solo individual MIDI channels so that all the rest that aren’t soloed are automatically muted. I know you could do that with the audio mixers too. But this has the disadvantage that the remaining channels are immediately muted when activated. But I would like them to only become mute as soon as I strike new notes. Apart from that, it would save CPU resources. I’m guessing this might be doable with scripting?
I have already solved switching individual Midi channels on and off with Midi Channel Constrainers and Midi Filters.

Johannes Arnstadt

You could do that with mapped widgets and in variations you device what to solo

To get the complete idea, what do you want to achieve?
MIDI Divisi?

Ich verstehe die Frage grad nicht ganz …

What is the goal you want to reach.
Please describe the goal without referencing to any things you think would be the solution.
Just what do you want to achieve.

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The goal is to press the solo button of one or more selected channels and the sound of the unsoloed channels will continue to sound until I release all keys and hit new keys so that only the soloed sounds sound. With the audio solution, the sound of the non-soloed channels would cut off abruptly. I want to avoid that.

I guess, it’s about not having cut pending notes when a channel get’s “muted”…
so filtering out only the NOTE-ONs might be the way to go.

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You should think about the “poor man’s patch persist”.
Just use a MIDI Filter to filter out Note On messages.
In the forum there a some entries how you can do that.
Soloing MIDI Channels has the disadvantage that you get evtl. hanging notes.

I already use MIDI filters in exactly the same way to switch MIDI channels on and off. The only question for me is how can this also be transferred to a solo function so that all other unselected channels are automatically filtered out. Practically the opposite of switching individual channels on and off. Do you understand what I mean?
This should not result in hanging notes, because the note off information will continue to be sent everywhere.

You are talking about switching MIDI channels, I was talking about filtering NOTE ON messages.

Sorry I do not get it…

I also talk about filtering Note On messages. I installed for each channel one filter, where I can switch on and of the Note on filter.

Does that not work?

This works by switching chosen channels on or of, but I want to press one ore more Solo-Buttons to activate one ore more channels and the others should get the Note on filter switched on.

OK, scripting is your friend.

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Yeah, Pianopaul is right. I don’t think either that you can get an acceptable solution without scripting.
You should search for “radio buttons” to get some idea how you can do this (scripting and/or an extension).

But radio buttons only allow one single button to be active, which would mean, you only would have one single channel soloed. As long as you need more than one button to be active, it won’t be a radio button anymore!

For every other logic to handle this you’d have to think your own way through, because there might be many ways to go.

It should somehow also be possible for normal buttons to say if on then do this (check whether other buttons are still on and switch on the filter for the others) and if off then do that (check whether other buttons are still on and if so, turn yourself on filters, if not, turn all filters off). But I don’t know exactly what such a script could look like.

I’m not quite sure why you’re using multiple midi channels but it might be that the autosustainer scriptlet could be used, perhaps with tweaks, to do what you need.

For example I have a Kontakt instrument consisting of multiple patches, every patch addrassed at another MIDI-Channel or a Rack consisting of multiple VST-Instruments. The Idea was tp create something like the Combis at a Korg Kronos, where you can put up to 16 several programs (Sounds) together in a combi and there you can every channel switch on or of or put serveral channels in solo-mode, what all is realized by MIDI in the Kronos. Where can I find this autosustainer scriplet?

There are several versions of it lurking around — here’s one example —