Midi keyboard to trigger Audio File

Hi all, my apologies if this is in the wrong section or if this has been answered already in some other section… I’ve searched and am unable to find anything.

I can play an Audio file (*.wav) directly from the ‘Audio File Player’ plugin or from a Front Panel Widget switch controlling the Play/Pause feature (admittedly only when I release).
I also have no problem controlling Omnisphere or Keyscape or Serum etc from a midi keyboard… GP is fabulous for that, but I just can’t figure out how to trigger ‘Audio File Player’ from the midi keyboard. Nothing I try works.

My question:
How do I configure GP, Midi plugin and Audio File Player to play an audio clip when I press a key on my keyboard?

Any help/advice/instructions would be greatly appreciated.


  • Midi map the key to a widget (example LED Button)
  • Parameter Learn that widget to Audio Player - Lane 1 Playing

edit: away from the studio…

This is a “refined” use/ rich feature front panel Audioplayer (Thanks to @schamass

Easy, just MIDI map a key from your keyboard to the LED Button

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Hi Keyman
Brilliant, that worked a treat. I never thought of mapping onto an LED.
Thanks a mil for the help… really appreciated.