TX16W using as a one-shot sample player

maybe you send on the wrong Midi Channel?

To check which MIDI message is (really) sent from the launchkey open the MIDI monitor in GP Window menu.

To check which MIDI message is needed by TX16W… have a look in its manual? :thinking:

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are you using it as a keyboard type of sampler? if you’re just flying in parts why not use the player built into GP3?

Paul, David, Dave, thanks for the quick replies!
I totally forgot to look at the midi channels… Indeed: the pads in my launchkey send out on channel 10!

I thought the 16w software sampler would be more versatile, but it probably is way too much for me…

Dave: the GP built in audio player is a great addition. I found it really easy if I have one mp3 sample to playback, starting it with the controls of the LK.

But how do I set it up using 6 mp3’s in one player, having each mp3 triggered and played by a different pad?
For instance, we do the Uptown Funk song where we intro with the a Capella part, as one long mp3. Because we don’t use click track, tempo may vary a bit here and there during the song, so by the time we reach the break we may have speeded up a bit. So I have that same long mp3 chopped into 5 parts and I would like to play those (separately) via the pads (to manually more or less keep on tempo) one after the other.

Now, I found ways to have widgets control the start of a sample, to have a lane set to playing/active, etc.
But I’m missing something, that is, how to get a lane to start when I hit that specific pad…
It is possible to have a pad activate a lane and hit the play button, but that would mean having to hit twice (activate AND play) for each sample…
Surely that can be done easier! But how do I set it up?

it’s been a while since i set mine up, i’ll have to get into it to see how i did it, but i’m raking leaves today, shoot me a reminder tomorrow if nobody else answers ya

Hi Dick,
i assembled a rackspace for the internal audio player which should suit your recommendations.
I also wrote a script which offers the functions that are needed for this purpose.


  • switch which lets you change from single to multi track play (switching to “multi” disables the “radio mode”)
  • button to enable/disable the loop mode
  • button to stop / reset the counter position (while in loop mode, it just jumps back to start and starts playing again)
  • button to play / pause
  • switch to activate the “radio mode” (means, the track buttons act as radio buttons. While playing is active the selected track will start playing from the beginning). This can only be active in “single track” mode!
  • 8 buttons to select the track(s) that is played

I hope this helps…

audioplayer.rackspace (24.1 KB)


I continue to be amazed by how pretty everyone makes front panels. I just throw knobs and buttons anywhere, they’re different sizes, different colors, not aligned — clearly I’m not the artist type :slight_smile:

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The eye listens too…


It is not only pretty, it is also usable like an hardware device by touching the onscreen buttons. Very nice @schamass :+1:

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You, dear Sir, are the artist who built this incredible tool for us.
And you may be more than proud of it since you see what it is capable of.
(And it still is getting better and better).
Thanks for that! :star_struck:

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Meh…Nebojsa is the artist… most of my stuff is backend (GPScript, OSC, etc)

Thanks for sharing @schamass ; its a nice candidate for a Template… future GP :wink:

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@dhj: Is there a way to get some information if an audiotrack has reached its end (in single track mode)?
I’ve been thinking of automatically chaining the tracks, or maybe play them in a certain order, like a step sequencer does…

Create a widget and map it to “Playhead position” of the Audio Player.

Yeah, but i meant in GPscript - i already have the counter position in the label widget.
What i’d like to try is chaining the (upt to) 8 lanes of the audioplayer so that all the audio files will be played automatically after another.
Say: If track 1 is done, play track 2, after that play track 3…
Or even better in defined order (maybe with repititions?)… that way you could build your own song with up to 8 snippets from the players audio tracks.
The information wether a track has a file loaded or not, would also be handy for such a thing, but it is not essential.
There could be two rows of knob widgets, let’s say with 8 knobs for each row (=8 step seuence).
The upper row knob with a (rastered) range from 0-8 for the regarding audio track and the other maybe with a range from 1-4 for the number of repititions of the defined track.
I think this could be a nice toy… :grinning:

The advice of @pianopaul is clever, you can access the plugins parameters from a script too.

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I used this script:

   PH : Widget
   PFB : Widget
   L1 : Widget
   L2 : Widget
on WidgetValueChanged(newValue : double) from PH
 if newValue >= 0.999 then
  SetWidgetValue(L2, 1.0)
  SetWidgetValue(PFB, 1.0)


Great idea! Thanx for the example… i will try that later on. :sunglasses:

The only issue with this approach is that the audio files must have the same length. The playhead position is only 1 at the end of the master lane.

If the audio file length is not the same in every lane, the solution could be to use one player per audio file… or to request a playhead per lane :innocent: