MIDI is working but nothing on MIDI Monitor!

all my pedals are working and recognized within gig performer - e.g. when i click the “learn controller” button. however, nothing is showing in the MIDI monitor - ANY LONGER, because it worked fine in the beginning, and now is not showing anything any longer. seems like a rather individual bug to me, any similar experience?

thanks for reading & all replies!

OS 10.15.7

Which MIDI monitor - the global MIDI monitor or a midi monitor plugin connected to your MIDI In block (say)?

the global one - i can plug in either whatever plugin midi send or omni. it was working just fine and all of a sudden stopped! (also tried deleting, rebuilding and rewiring.)

If the global MIDI monitor is not showing any activity, how exactly do you know that MIDI is working?

as i wrote all pedals are working and are recognized e.g. via learn buttons. however, in my workflow i need to know / see what exactly is going on midi-wise!! thx *

ok - so what exactly is wrong? Or should this topic be deleted as erroneous?

my problem is not that pedals etc. are not working or recognized, but a missing midi message data monitor. there is a “midi monitor” element that used to display the incoming types of midi messages - as it is supposed to - either from the omni or other midi inputs. it now all of a sudden stays empty meaning it does not react or show anything, even though midi messages are incoming. for some controller setup tasks, i need to see what exactly is coming in now, so it is bothering me very much.

When you use your pedal is there a small flickering light in the very top right of your GP screen?

This is working as designed. I think you’re confused about MIDI Monitors

There is a Global MIDI Monitor which shows everything coming into Gig Performer itself.

That is a plugin (just like any other plugin) - I assume this is what you’re talking about - and it shows whatever is coming through the MIDI In block.

But if you learn a MIDI message, then that message will not be handled by MIDI In blocks which is why you can’t see it. In other words, when you learn a MIDI message, the message is handled by Gig Performer itself and is no longer available to be sent into synth plugins, which is why it no longer comes out of a MIDI In block. That is what you generally want – if you’re controlling widgets from your MIDI pedals, you generally do not want those MIDI messages to go into your synth plugin.


did not know! so in other words, as soon as i connect a pedal to a widget, it stops showing up there! thanks you for taking your time - watched and read quite a bit but could not figure this one out…

Also note that you have the “MIDI Thru” feature.
See here: Widget Properties inspector


Right but that should not normally be enabled because you generally do not want the messages produced by your control pedals to pass through to the synth plugin,