MIDI Harmonizer plugin recommendation?


Can anyone recommend a really solid MIDI harmonizer plugin? Turns out I have to do a show where one of the guitarists won’t be able to go so I want to try and cover his parts.

I know I could do it with GP Script but obviously it would be a lot easier with the appropriate harmonizer


What should that plugin exactly do?

I use for some cases CTHULHU


I’m using piz midiChords for triggering different chords with one note.

Works great and also offers a strumming option - maybe that’s helpful for some guitar parts.

On some download pages the files aren’t available anymore… I have the dmg and exe files for 64bit here.

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I used that too.
but sometimes it crashed with Gig Performer 1.X


Oh, really? Heavily used it during a tour last summer and it were very solid. I guess cthulhu has got the same features (and some more)?


Yes it has an arpegiator.


For Guitar strumming I am using AAS Strum GS-2

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Basically, I will be playing a solo and I want the notes a third above what I’m playing to play as well. Diatonic so it has to stay in the scale. I found this but I’ve no idea if it’s any good so wondered what others were doing.
I don’t need a chord generator though.

Edit: the thing I found is standalone, not a VST so no good!


Yes, that’s exactly what I did with midiChords…


I found this the other day, it’s a VST; just not sure if covers your needs…


I’ll check it out — the other approach is to find/use an audio harmonizer in which case I would just pass the audio from my guitar sound into that to get the third.

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I use the auto harmonizer script in Kontakt to play thirds (or any interval you want). And it will put portamento on both notes too. I use it to cheat on the synth riff that Wakeman plays on Roundabout (he uses two Minimoogs), and I also use it for the little synth riffs on Have A Cigar. Works great.
So, if your guitar sound is sampled, that might be just the thing you need.


I found what I thought would be an interesting plugin, Autotonic but it seems to only work standalone. When I asked them if they had a plugin version, they replied by just sending me this link to explain why they don’t provide a plugin version.


Thanks. I’m trying to use RealStrat from MusicLab.


You can send Kontakt’s script generated notes out the Kontakt block’s MIDI out.
1 - Set up a Kontakt instrument and go into Script Editor - Preset, Factory, Harmonize, Interval Tonal, and adjust the settings as desired.
3 - Connect the MIDI out block to your RealStrat input (along with your regular MIDI input), and the script generated 3rds will play with you in real time.
(It doesn’t matter what instrument you choose in Kontakt, just don’t hook up the audio from Kontakt, use only the MIDI out)

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Cool - I’ll give that a shot. Thanks


I just found an audio pitch shifting plugin that works beautifully. It’s called Pitchometry from Aegean Music

I like this much better than pitchshifting using MIDI specifically because pitchbending does the right thing whereas doing a pitchbend via MIDI ends up doing chromatic shifting and the bent notes end up out of key.

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Can you not run a second instance of your guitar plugin in parallel and tune it up a 3rd?


You can’t tune up a third and stay in tune in a scale

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Ik Multimedia’s Amplitube has a Harmonator plug-in.