Midi controllers

I am a new gig performer user.
I was wondering how i could use my computer external keyboard as a midi controler. My midi controller does not have enough buttons for what I am trying to do.

KIndly assist.

With a little scripting you can react on pressing keys on your computer keyboard

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An example of such a gig script you can find in this blog article: https://gigperformer.com/the-most-flexible-midi-processing/

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Hi @JOsh, perhaps you could explain us what exactly you would like to do?


Something basic like being able to activate new instrument sounds using my pc keyboard among other things. Nothing complicated, As I said I am just a newbie.

How do you plan to do this exactly ? Having your instruments in different rackspaces and switching from one to the other ? By sending program changes to your plugins ?

How do you do things you want to do with the few buttons you have on your controller ?

Yeah. Bypassing some instruments and switching others on. And sending program changes. I wanna do the same using my keyboard(pc)

Using GPScript you can catch keystrokes and do something. But unlike buttons of your MIDI controller, which usually send a MIDI value 127 when pushed and a value 0 when released, keystrokes don’t have a release value. We could imagine a GPScript sending a CC# message with value 127 each time a keystroke is detected. But this would mean that the only option to control a widget with this is to have the momentary to latching option enable. We could also imagine a GPScript sending a CC# message with value 127 and a 0 after a short period of time to simulate the detection of a released key. Well, this is not something natural. So, I am wondering if, as a new user, you wouldn’t rather start with the regular GP functions ?

There is also another option using a Scriptlet, if you need a few more buttons you don’t have on your MIDI controller:

I have downloaded that but how can i use that scriptlet on my custom rackspace. Each time I open the file, it loads as a new gig.

Here is my suggestion: M-Audio Midiman Oxygen 8 USB Controller MIDI Keyboard | eBay