Midi controller: Changing rackspaces using buttons/pads

How to change tones in midi controller ( in novation ) or patches selection

We need a little more information — what exactly are you trying to change? What do you mean by tone? Are you trying to change the sound of a plugin or the sound of an external synth?

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as @dhj already mentioned, we need way more information to be able to help you and to understand the issues you are facing.
Maybe this guideline will help you with that…

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How to map patch changes from the global midi

You keep repeating your question…please answer the questions you were asked above. Nobody can help you without knowing more about your system. Your question is too vague.

Please see this thread: How to report issues and ask properly for help?

We can’t know what you want to do unless you explain that very clear with plenty of information.

I think this is as simple as creating a wiring setup with the Novation as a midi output and input for that matter, and within the settings, set your program change to your desired sound.

I created 10 patches in Gig performer 4 (like piano, organ, slow strings , worship chords) I need individual mapping for every patch ( can I do individual like mainstage 3

We’re really not sure what you’re asking. Each Rackspace (patch) in Gig Performer has a number to the left of it displaying which program change it will respond to. You can change these obviously any way you want , but each and every one will respond to “individual mapping” already.

Have you tried to send in a program change message from your controller?

Please be more specific if this does not answer your question.

Yes sir , what you said above

Each Rackspace (patch) each and every one will respond to “individual mapping” how? Can you explain

Did you read this thread: How to report issues and ask properly for help?

  • What MIDI controller you use?
  • You connect your MIDI controller to your computer and simply send a program change, e.g. 2 and it will activate the second rackspace.

See this video: Igor Paspalj - Gig Performer 4 - Demonstration - YouTube

We have nothing to explain as long as you don’t tell us what exactly you want to do…
so please, try to tell us step-by-step what you want to achieve.
The only things we know so far:

  • you have Gig Performer 4
  • you have 10 rackspaces
  • you have a controller (what kind of?) from Novation - which one?
  • you want to have individual mapping for each rackspace,

but we don’t know what should be mapped to where or what? What do you mean with “global midi”?
I don’t know either what you were doing in Mainstage. No idea, i never used this program.
…and i still have no clue how i could ever help you without knowing some more details.

novation 61 mk2 keyboard sir

1 have 10 rackspaces I want to be able to jump to a specific patch rather than navigate up and down.

So what is stopping you from sending a program change?

Can you explain how to sending a program change or program message for each and every individual Rackspace

How were you sending a program change to MainStage? You do it the same way in Gig Performer

Plz explain sir

Elia, I don’t know how to make this any clearer — you want to send a program change to Gig Performer to change to a different rackspace. So send one! What is the actual problem you are having?

You keep asking us the same question over and over again —