MIDI Clock from GigPerformer to external MIDI device

Hi, a part the Ableton integration, does someone found a way to send MIDI clock message FROM GP to an external MIDI Device.

I’d like to synch my korg nautilus to gig performer rackspace… maybe you know a VST that can get rackspace tempo and send it to midi (or a gp script)…


While GP can receive midi clock, it currently doesn’t send it.
But if you’re working with Ableton, why can’t you use Ableton Link, which we do support fully.

More information here: https://gigperformer.com/how-to-synchronize-gig-performer-tempo-to-external-midi-clock-or-link-enabled-products/

Yep but i cannot use Ableton so i’m looking for a workaround maybe with a vst…

Try this

FYI I think I had looked into Clocker myself and I believe it’s only 32 bit. It’s also listed under their “legacy” plugins so it’s probably not supported anymore. Just something to consider.

Cost? Computer spec? The Lite version of Ableton that comes free with a lot of hardware is all that’s needed.

I don’t need it myself, but have tested a few free apps in the past that send midi clock. But nothing came close to Ableton for accuracy/ stability.

For anybody that’s interested, my current workaround for this is to use GP in conjunction with Ableton but I do not use Link. I send midi messages to Ableton to activate scenes with the correct BPM. Ableton then sends the MIDI clock where ever I need it to go.

The reason I do this is because with Link the play button in GP snaps to the Link grid meaning turning on my click in GP is sometimes not instantaneous since it has to wait for beat 1. When I hit the play button in GP it needs to happen right away which is why this works for me.

In Ableton you can set the option that play is started immediately
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Maybe this one: A free plugin for all your clock needs / shaduzLABS

That is sending clock signals not MIDI clock.
Such Clock signals have been used in the good old days before MIDI…

I’m assuming you are referring to the quantization of scenes in that dropdown menu. That works for the quantization of scenes specifically in Ableton, but it does not mean that GP will not lock to the Link grid. GP will still wait for beat 1. I tried all those options.

In my use case I need to be able to turn off and on the GP click/metronome instantaneously and using Link locks it to the grid. For now my workaround works just fine.

In my test the play was immediately started when quantization in Ableton was not set.

To clarify, it played immediately in GP specifically? If that’s what you are saying I will have to retest later today on my computer.

I started play in Ableton and GP immediately started.
Same when I pressed play in GP, then Ableton started immediately.

Ok, I will try later today and report back. So weird because when I tried exactly that (turning off quantization) it didn’t behave that way for me.

I double checked, you are right with LINK enabled GP starts with the next bar.

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Ok, so I’m not crazy :sweat_smile:

Guess I will stick with my workaround. Thanks for double checking.

Ouch unlucky the vst cannot be loaded in GP (deactivated after init attempt) maybe is an old 32bit version…

What do you need to sync in your korg nautilus?