Melda MSuperLooper

I’ll definitely be giving this a test run. Great intro price as well

The useful details are in the PDF


Trying it out right now while waiting for UPS to arrive with my Pacer. Plugin looks versatile and capable!

Hmmm. All is not well with this. Getting issues when using the ‘Sync’ to host in both GP and Logic (the loop seems to get stuck at one point and you get this glitching sound). Also getting this weird doubling of the loop/track volume if you stop the record in an overdub.

Here’s Chandler’s video…

I paid $21+tax. Good deal!

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On sale again. US$22 until the end of July.

The update to v14.08 seems to have fixed a few things. They’ve also added a multi-output version of the plugin, so you can output each loop track separately if you want. Although the VST3 version of this is crashing GP. The AU is working well on Mac.


I’ve found it to be relatively useless in GP. If you are using the sync function to GP’s metronome, you can only record by arming SuperLooper in record mode, and then toggling the Play mechanism on GP. Simply having the Play mechanism going on GP and then starting the Record function on SuperLooper won’t record. What’s the use in that? When one is in Sync mode, you have the host metronome (in this case, GP) running the entire time and want to toggle the record function of the loop on and off. That’s precisely what doesn’t work in SuperLooper.

i bought it on sale for 22$ or so, and found it also quite rapidly useless.
exactly a looper has to go and flow in supereasy.

This is now working correctly with the AU Mac plugin (but not with VST2 or VST3). Have you reported this back to Melda? I want to use this plugin more, so will be more proactive reporting issues to them.

I haven’t reported it to them yet. I use the Windows VST and VST3. It’s good that you can get it to work with the AU in Mac. Have only checked in with it briefly every time there’s an update to see if it works as it should.

@edm11 with the 14.08 Melda updates, does the VST2 version work correctly in other DAWs/apps? I’ve tried with with the few I use, and it’s only GP that I have the issue with Sync mode/Record. I also saw the same type of issue with it not being able to detect the end bar. It’s like it can’t pick up the bar markers from GP (if such a thing is in the VST api) so it doesn’t know when to start or end the recording.

@rank13 I just tried it in Cubase 9.5 and the sync/record mode works fine, so it does seem to be an issue with how GP’s metronome/Play feature reports its bars and beats to plugins.

@dhj @djogon can you please look into how the beats and bars are being reported to plugins? This is actually the 2nd looper app that I’ve encountered which has this issue in GP only where bars don’t get reported correctly to the plugin and the looper doesn’t function properly in sync mode as a result. (the other being a free looper from GVST)
I didn’t pay much attention to the GVST loop issue at first, but now that I’m encountering issues in GP only with a 2nd looping application, it’s worth nothing that you guys are doing something different than other DAWs where bars and metronome are concerned that creates sync issues in these looping apps.

Did you try VST and AU version?

VST and VST3, Windows version.

Enso looper detects the start of the bar ok. I don’t have a lot of faith in MSuperLooper due to the earlier issues it had, but my brief tests in other DAWs showed no issues with the VST2 or VST3 version of MSuperLooper and the bar detection/trigger (only with GP). However the AU version of MSuperLooper was working as expected, so it is something particular to VST in GP.

@edm11 I’m curious how you end up using MSuperLooper (if at all).
I’m finding a better workflow hosting it in Live (I only have the Lite version) with virtual audio ports routing from Gig Performer.

Using the new multiple-output version of MSuperLooper allows me to control the track volume/pan in Live instead. It’s proving very useful to use the Clips as track automation only, so I can can have quantised fade in/out/mute etc either per track or globally triggered via the master scene launch.

@rank13 I run 3 instances of GP into ALK2, so my sequencing and looping happens there. In theory, I would run MSuperLooper as a per-instrument looping app for more improvisational uses. Since I can’t get MSuperLooper to play nicely in sync mode with GP, I am using my old faithful Mobius for that purpose.

It’s so strange that after nearly a decade, Mobius is still the strongest, most versatile looping app out there. I keep hoping, with every new looping app that comes on the market, that I’ll find something to supplant it. It just hasn’t happened yet. ALK2 is good for what it does, and I’m happy for the automation it provides (the less that I have to do means more concentration on performance), but in terms of a pure looper, clunky old Mobius is still king.

I’m glad that you’re getting it to work in Live. The interface is simple and straightforward, so it should serve you well.

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The new update to 14.09 brings multiple inputs as well. So you can now easily have separate plugin/signal paths feeding each input (and route inputs/outputs however you like). It will monitor each input/track automatically when you select the track within MSuperLooper.

Very nice.
The issue I brought up previously in this thread with sync recording in GP is still occurring, sadly. I have reported the issue to them–hopefully they will contact @dhj and @djogon to work out why this issue is specific to GP.

I also brought it up with the Melda dev and I think he has reached out to @dhj and @djogon.