Melda MSuperLooper

I just got a reply from Luke at Melda, indicating that the latest version of GP would fix the issue—which it doesn’t. I’ve let him know.
@dhj @djogon, was he referring to GP 3.8, or will you address the issue in the next update? At current, GP 3.8 and MSuperLooper 14.09 still don’t work together in sync mode.

@edm11 - no he is talking about a possible upcoming version. We can’t promise when will it be released.

@djogon Thanks.

It’s nice that this plugin can do double duties as an input switcher. Because the routing of the input channel to outputs is a parameter, I can have a single widget to switch my input between the different amps.



Which MSuperLooper parameter are you using to assign to that single dial widget?

It was Track 1 - Output. The track parameters are not grouped/ordered together in the parameter list, so it was easier to go into the track Fx/Settings in MSL and then use the GP mapping Learn.

I also used a custom widget label to display the output number: Amp [value]


Very well done!