MATRIX DIVISI Version 2 - Beta

Presenting MATRIX DIVISI Version 2 BETA. Yes, BETA, because I am hoping with your suggestions and ideas, I can make it better. Sorry, it took me so long but I had to stop and play with it every half hour. LOL! Personally, it think it is ready for Prime Time. LOL! The obvious differences between Version 1 and Version 2 are as follows (there are hidden features under the hood which will become evident once you start playing:)

  1. Solo and Mute buttons are used to help you create a better sound. You will find this to be highly useful. … and believe it or not, this took a lot of work!

  1. Better performance (the more features you add the slower the response. I rewrote the Scriptlet about 200 times to get it right. LOL!

  2. Better harmony algorithms … and yes I plan to add more harmony variations based on scales in Version 3

  1. Some helpful messaging … and yes I pan to add more in Version 3

  2. a better GUI - easier to read and use to develop your DIVISIs

  3. Eight Rackspaces and Variations included that actually do something and will give you a better idea of how to use new DIVISI techniques.

  4. Name your plugin blocks and instrument buttons will acquire those names.

  1. Pressing an instrument button will open and close the plugin … so< you can change presets for the RackSpace/Channel in a flash.

  2. Better algorithms for DIVISI. … and you can do amazing things when you couple key range with DIVISI, harmony, volume, expression, and pan". See the example Rackspace(s) provided.

Attached are two items:

  1. a PDf containing the details of each DIVISI Rackspace provided

  2. The Gig File containing the DIVISI Rackspaces and Variations. I hope you find something that you like as there are plenty of examples.

!MATRIX DIVISI Version 2 - Presentation.pdf (4.4 MB)


Hi Phil
is there a Version 3 yet ?

Sorry Simon, I got distracted with building a TX816 rackspace with lots of features. As soon as I fix the one timing problem I am having with the eight Dexed plugins I am controlling, I will release the rackspace. I guarantee you will love it.

As far as the Matrix DIVISI goes: tell me what features you want and I will do my best to provide them if it is possible using GPscript. Also, if anyone wants to collaborate on the TX816 rackspace or the MATRIX DIVISI rackspace, I would welcome them. :slight_smile: