"Make my Dreams Come True" - Hall and Oates

As you all may or may not be aware, the main keys part on the original “You Make my Dreams Come True” by Darryl Hall and John Oates was played on a Yamaha CP30. Short of potentially buying yet ANOTHER plugin, I’m curious who else among all you esteemed GP cover band players are covering this song, and how you are covering that particular sound. I’m hoping one or more of you are covering it with a plugin I already own.

I have a ‘good enough’ combi on my Kronos, but I have retired the Kronos and I am looking for great alternatives.



This won’t help you with your question but on a side note Deskew co-founder David Jameson is in two bands with drummer Jerry Marotta who recorded the drums for the studio version of that song.

I am wondering if we should’nt introduce a new category in the forum? Something like “sound design with GP” or even split it into two categories with also “fx design with GP”? I have myself always similar questions regarding sound design and from what I see on other forums, other GP and even non-GP user have this kind of question. We have the “plugins” category, but it is probably two general… any thoughts from other users?


+1 for a “Sound design” subforum,
but i don’t think it had to be split into FX and synth (or something alike).
Gig Performer offers a flexibility to create a playable sound like (i guess) no other DAW or similar software on the market… so why not have a nice “presentation plate” for the results? :smiley:

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Totally in favour for ! :wink: !

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Don’t forget the Probabilistic Sound Designer tool

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I love the idea of a sound design forum. We all use a pretty diverse set of plugins, but even where we could share sounds with each other would be awesome!



knock! knock! :innocent: :nerd_face:

@dhj or @npudar … you didn’t seem to be averse of this:

So, may we have one? :upside_down_face:

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I assume that my existing threads with the [sound] in the thread name can be moved there.

I think that it is a useful idea, but let’s wait that devs confirm first :slight_smile:


I’ve added that category to the community.


Here it is: Sound Design with GP - Gig Performer Community

I moved there these [sound] threads :slight_smile:


Thanks guys! :metal: :sunglasses: :metal:

I tried to mimik that sound with Arturia’s Clavinet plus an effects chain from IK-Multimedia’s Mix Bus, but it always was either too muddy/crunchy or it lacked the punch on the deep end.
I guess that’s really where the original CP30 stands out (by far).
It seems that there are not so many plugins which cover the typical CP30 sound… there is a E-Piano collection from Motu (for about 280€) and there is a sound collection for IK-Multimedia’s Sample Tank called “Spaceport '77” which only costs 80€, but i don’t actually know the requirements to use this… maybe the free version of Sample Tank might be OK, maybe not…
Anyway, there is a lady who used this sound patch for your requested song - and she nailed it! chapeau

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Hm, when looking at Yamaha CP 30 Demo—sold - YouTube I would start with an Analog Piano and a Harpsichord, some filters and decent distortion. Slightly more Harpsichord on the left hand and more Piano on the right.

I made a short demo with sound from Syntronik

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Hm… this barely sounds like the original sound, nor is it really close to the sound from this lady who said she had used this sound patch… seems she had done some additional changes to make it sound right.

I think my patch for Korg Triton Extreme VST is better than the Syntronik sound but defintely not as good as Lady_App_titude’s work for Spaceport 77. This should work with the ‘free’ version of SampleTank without issue, however I’ve had wierd issues over the years using SampleTank in both my Forte Racks and my GP gig files.

Thanks for creating the new sound designer threads @npudar ! I appreciate it.


You do no like it ?

Your playing is flawless, but the sound is, yeah… OK, but not very close to the original, at least for my ears…

Ok, “Da muss ich nochmal aktiv werden” :wink: