Luna Display with Gig Performer

Does anyone on this forum have Luna Display and are using it with Gig Performer? I have a MacMini and a IPad Pro that I would like to use as a monitor. I have tried using Air Display which works fine but the IPad won’t work as a touch screen with it. I also bought TwomonUSB and the IPad does work as a touch screen however for some reason when I use Gig Performer occasionally the sounds glitches and audio drops out momentarily. This doesn’t happen when I use the software instruments in standalone mode. But yes I would be curious to know if anybody here has used Luna Display and what their experience was. Thanks!

hi @ahutnik,

what is Luna Display?

Some time ago I used Duet and this was working fine.

I have Duet and it’s doing something that developer calls letterboxing. It shows the MacMini display but is not using the entire IPad screen. Luna Display comes with a dongle which has to be used in order for Luna Display software to work.I have heard it’s supposed to work real well with making the IPad Pro capable of being a remote touchscreen monitor for the MacMini. So I was curious if anybody has used Luna Display here