Looking for feedback: MIDI Controller keyboards


David -
I’m assuming the Keylab mkii is the 61 key version – how would you say the keybed compares to NI Kontrol S series or Novation Remote SL (if you’ve tried them)? I know I prefer these :slight_smile:

I have an old(er) Novation Remote SL 61 (mki) in which I just replaced the joystick…

Our local GCs/SAs don’t have the Keylab mkii to demo, nor any Nektar products, and a good semi-weighted keybed is what I prefer.


PS – FWIW I’ve tried the Akai MPK261 and thought the keybed was pretty close the NI Kontrol.


I like the Arturia better. I tried those other ones in Sam Ash when I was looking for a replacement for my Rolands but didn’t like the somewhat clunkier feel of them nor the after touch response. The keylab Mk ii is much better but a) it’s a little heavier than I would like and it’s a bit impractical for live performance (at least for my playing style) given that the sliders are on the right.


I believe this would be worth looking into. Nektar T6. It is only US $360 and has aftertouch.

I own the step down from this which is the LX61+ and I love it. The keys feel nice, controls are quick to navigate, can be powered with an ipad, and is only like 8 pounds.



Thanks for the feedback. Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth it (i.e., return shipping charges) to order my top 3 controllers from Amazon and return 2.

Now if the new Kontrol A series had aftertouch, I’d probably get that.

I’m hoping Novation will announce a new Remote MK3 on 10/13 https://us.novationmusic.com/beats-and-bytes :star_struck: