DIY Midi controller (thoughts, plans, links...)


I just check availability and price for that by Doepfer : 150€ for the mod wheel controller (for up to 4 pitchbend or mod wheel) + 15€ per pitchbend/mod wheel. This of course without housing, which implies some 3D printing jobs. But indeed, not a bad idea… I am thinking of it for my VPC1…

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Looking for feedback: MIDI Controller keyboards
Looking for feedback: MIDI Controller keyboards

As far as i know, the controller costs only 50€.
So it will be just about 100€ for the controller and a pair of wheels.



Oh, yes I skipped one line in the price list, it is only 40€.:face_with_monocle:
So you are right, exactly 100€ with 4 wheels: Doepfer price list



A quick look at that thing suggests that it just generates CVs. Anyone know of something that plugs into a USB port?



It is MIDI: "WE is an universal DIY kit to built your own Midi control box. Up to four analog controls and one switching control can be connected to WE transmitting five different Midi messages. "
WE manual

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…and it merges its own signals with the MIDI-IN, what is exactly what i want it to do.

Excerpt from the manual: WE is equipped with Midi In and Midi Out. The incoming Midi messages are merged to the data generated by WE provided that the Midi data does not exceed a certain amount. In this way several WE can be linked together to obtain larger controller arrays



I found a nice comprehension (from 2015) which shows some interesting devices and circuit parts to build a Midi controller according to your own conception and wishes:

I think this may be of great interest for all the DIY-fans out there. :sunglasses:



Yes, I started a set of projects based on the Arduino Uno platform. But due to a lack of time, I didn’t went farther. And the more time I spend for DIY, the less time I have for playing music.



Check out Teensy. I think you’ll get much more for your money, than with an Arduino.
Cheaper than Arduino, and I think better too.



And compatible with the Arduino IDE and the HIDUINO MIDI library too ?



(HIDUINO + Arduino) Vs. The Teensy Vs. Other AVR-USB boards
There is no shortage of AVR-USB development boards on the market. One of the most popular is the Teensy, a beautifully designed and cheap board that even works the Arduino IDE (Teensyduino). The Teensy uses a USB-AVR chip so it can directly communicate over USB, unlike other chips on the Arduino. Teensy uses their own USB library for this functionality which can be limiting in some respects. LUFA is also compatible with the Teensy, and so HIDUINO can also be used with the Teensy or any other AVR-USB board. The development toolchain and workflow of other AVR-USB boards mirrors much of the Arduino+HIDUINO documentation listed here.



Great, thanks :+1:



I think this should also work for a modulation wheel (as it does for an expression pedal).



I already have a couple of those devices, they’re very useful. But in a touring situation where you have to setup/teardown every night, the less devices you have to deal with, the better. Since I’ve already got a USB hub, it would be much more convenient to just plug directly into it.



I use a SL88 also, for the same reason you do. When my old QS8s finally give up the ghost, I’ll cannibalize the pitch and mod wheels, and hot glue them to the top of my SL88! LOL!



Very cool. Do you know a Hammond style half moon switch that would be compatible with this device ?