Long load time with Neural DSP plugins

Hello there!
I use Neural DSP plugins (Archetype Petrucci), works great on GP, but it takes a long time to load, almost a minute (more if there are more of the same plugin in the project) Nevertheless in Reaper it only takes 2 to 3 seconds to open. Where is the problem with GP? Cheers!

Is the load time only when you include the Neural into a rackspace or is it also when you load a gig file where the Neural is already integrated?

What is your operating system?
What is your computer specification? (CPU, RAM, etc.)

Was that issue always like that or it happened recently?

What is your Gig Performer version?
What is your Neural DSP plugin version?

What is your operating system?
Windows 10

What is your computer specification? (CPU, RAM, etc.)
Ryzen 7 4800
32 RAM
Western Digital SSD M2 1TB
Focusrite 4i4

Was that issue always like that or it happened recently?
Has always wok like this, only in GP, in Reaper opens in 2 to 3 seconds

What is your Gig Performer version?

What is your Neural DSP plugin version?
Archetype Petrucci 1.0.1

Thanks for the response!

I’ve just tested on my laptop.
Windows 11, Intel Core i7, 1 TB SSD, 16 GB RAM

I have Archetype Gojira VST and VST3 versions.
I inserted it in an empty gig: it took me about two seconds for VST version and 1.5 seconds for the VST3
I then duplicated the plugin block, it took me half a second.

I saved the gig file and re-loaded it. It took me about 2-3 seconds to load the gig file (three instances of Archetype Gojira in that rackspace).

id did a test on my Mac M1, Archetype Tom Morello V 1.0.0
A few seconds to load.

Now I tested Archetype Petrucci and it takes much longer, VST3 version
VST version is much faster.

What version do you use?

I think that is a real issue with the VST3 version, can you contact the developer?

Only when I open the gig file, when load it to a rackspace takes kinda 15 to 20 seconds

I’ve just installed the latest Petrucci demo.

Hm… It doesn’t seem to work

I uninstalled it and this time selected all features to install.
Also installed the missing DLL from here: Redirecting

Now it asks for a different DLL :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Wow, I didn’t expect this… The screenshots were from the standalone version.

On the other hand Gojira works OK.

Very weird. I won’t experiment with this any more, they should’ve fix the Petrucci installer to install all necessary DLLs…

Pianopaul is on Mac, the installer may have been fixed on macOS.

I assume that’s the reason for the plugin to load that long…

There is definitely a huge diffrence between the loading time of VST2 and VST3! (trial version)
While the gig file with a rackspace using the VST3 plugin takes about 25s to load, the same gig file with a rackspace using the VST2 version is ready in under 2s…
Oh i had no alerts regarding missing dlls.
I did a custom install with only the VST2, VST3 and presets (no standalone, no AAX) on my WIN10 system.
I guess it’s yet another misterious case of “better use VST2”!


Will give this a try, I currently have VST3 on the gig file

I’ve changed all the vst3 versions for vst2 and it opened in less than a minute, thank you!!!

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I wonder why there’s such a difference. It’s clearly not just about it being a VST3 since there are lots of VST3s out there that don’t get delayed like that.

Of course this is no general cause of issues, but it’s been so often that a plugin showed different behaviour or issues, depending of the used format. And also quite often the “old” VST2 format was the one that worked as it should.
I have no idea what the VST3 version of this plugin is doing (or not) during these 25 seconds.

This has been a longstanding issue with Neural DSP VST3 plugins. A similar topic from two years ago related to their version 2 of the Cory Wong VST3.